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how to turn off heart rate automatical test in wmswatch smart watch

Some users complain that the heart rate LED will automatically turn on , this is not a problem, it is the wmswatch heart rate monitor function on working. Normally, there are three modes for heart rate function in wmswatch, they are: 1.the sports mode: in sports mode, the wmswatch will […]

wmswatch wifi gps mp3

FAQ for wmswatch gps wifi mp3 sport smart watch

The wmswatch is the most powerful smart watch now, it has built up the GPS, wifi ,MP3 music, wireless charger, bluetooth earphones, heart rate monitor, steps count into small watch, but as it is so advanced in new technology, the users may have questions on how to operate the wmswatch, […]

wmswatch wifi gps sport smart watch

how to choose shiningintl wmswatch ,IWO 13 and other IWO smart watch

before the buyers order the smart watch, they needs to consider what purpose they want the smart watch to do. here we put the differences between these smart watches, from the outlook , functions and what it can bring to the users. it is important to know exactly the difference […]

Shiningintl Smochm IWO 3 heart rate smart watch

Shiningintl IWO3 plus firmware update notes

As the shiningintl IWO3 plus smart watch is released in July 2017,we have released the first version firmware in July, and we will keep the firmware updating to get more and more function coming out and optimize the firmware.