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shiningintl RK3288 motherboard

the RK3288 ARM motherboard for multi-purpose now launching

Shiningintl is a company provide smart electronics products and solutions, now we have launched our latest RK3288 Rockchip ARM quad core motherboard, it can be used in multi-purpose, such as digital signage, consumer and industrial tablet, video surveillance, eduction, it has the most competitive price and the best quality, and lots of hardware interface such as USB, HDMI, LVDS, UART,I2C, I2S, Mic, SPDIF, SPI, infrared remote control. here is the product overview:

Shiningintl computer support

Shiningintl Computer Technical support:Creating a Windows 7 Hard Disk Recovery Solution

The purpose of this whitepaper is to document a prescriptive method for Windows 7 hard disk Recovery Solution, one that reinstalls Windows 7 to its state at the time it left the factory.
Customers that wish to restore their systems only need to use the Advanced Recovery Method inside Windows 7 or press F8 while the system is booting and choose the Repair Your Computer option.

Home private cloud server-seafile server setup

the computing devices are popular now, the x86-64 home data server is important in the home, imaging when you going home, your mobile phone automatically connects to the home WiFi,  a little while later, all the new photos of your mobile phone are backup to the home private cloud data center , the home storage or entertainment computer.