Compare IWO lite starter, IWO 9, IWO 10 smart watch

some clients have reported us that there are different IWO smart watches , and don’t know how to choose the right one, here are the detail description of the IWO lite starter version, IWO 9 version, IWO 10.

IWO lite starter:

this smart watch is a starter version of IWO watch, i has the similar outlook of IWO 9, but it has only 1 key(the round button), the band can’t be removed from watch,  and doesn’t be compatible with the apple watch bands. it used a Micro USB port as charging interface.

IWO 9:

The IWO 9 is a full function of IWO watch, it has wireless charging function and the band is replacable.  it uses the fundo wear application  to connect with smart phone.


IWO 10:

The IWO 10 is not based on IWO 9, it has a new chipset call MTK2503, so it has GPS function inside. the operation of GPS operation is easy, just go to the sports mode, it will turn on the GPS function automatically, it will detect the GPS signal when into sports mode, the flashing icon means it is searching for the GPS signal, after it succeed to do that, it will become green, and record all GPS information in watch, and then sync with smart phone.