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About Shiningintl authorized seller

authorized seller levels:

there are two level of authorized seller in Shiningintl, according to the authorized seller’s responsibility and privilege ,it is suitable for Shiningintl business development worldwide for different level,

“Authorized reseller”:suitable for all level seller want to do business with Shiningintl,most sellers can meet this level and start do business with Shiningintl, no quota requirement, only the seller meet the minimum requirement can apply this qualification

“Authorized distributor”: it has quota requirement, it has to upgrade to this level from authorized reseller, only the seller who has business with ShiningIntl more than the quota can apply.

authorized seller qualification

the seller to apply “authorized reseller” or “authorized distributor” need meet the minimum requirement of Shiningintl.

“Authorized reseller”

  1. has Shiningintl product experience;
  2. would like to be Shiningintl “Authorized reseller”;
  3. meet the minimum order requirement of Authorized reseller,detail refer to the applicant form.
  4. the autorized reseller don’t have more requirement,

“Authorized distributor”

  1. has become authorized reseller ,
  2. want to be get more price advantage withvolume promise,
  3. can meet the minimum order requirement of Authorized distributor,
  4. the Authorized distributor certification will be available for 1 year,

 authorized seller responsibility

the “authorized seller” should maintain the reputation of Shiningintl and its brand,

  1. obey Shiningintl price strategy, can’t sell Shiningintl product with low standard price
  2. respond local market service, can’t do anything bad to Shiningintl brand and company reputation
  3. Respond for the local customers service, Shiningintl won’t directly involve any action with the seller’s customers, but can get feedback from local customers, all feed back will direct to the sellers to fix
  4. Seller can feed market requirement back to Shiningintl
  5. Keep secret of Shiningintl confidential information, don’t leak information to unrelated persons and competitors.

 authorized seller privilege

  1. right to use Shiningintl company name and brand “smochm
  2. authorized seller can get online direction and paper certification
  3. authorized seller can ask for necessary support from Shiningintl
  4. low purchased price advantage, the price based on selers’ performance,
  5. necessary technology update of products

Authorized seller period and procedures

The authorized period is only 1 year from it is approved, before the end of the cooperation, the seller need to apply the qualification again, Shiningintl will go through the procedure again.

The procedure please refer to “authorized sellers appy procedure” document.

  1. The authorized seller qualification will be cancel if:
  2. The authorized seller don’t obey Shiningintl price strategy,
  3. The authorized seller do something bad to the Shiningintl reputation and brand
  4. Can’t meet the minimum requirement in the authorized period

appy shiningintl authorized sellers

  1. The qualified applicants fill with the “authorized seller application” form online, the online form will send the application form to us,
  2. Shiningintl will contact the applicant after receiving the “authorized reseller” requirement, the reseller need to match the requirement above
  3. after communication,the client is suitable for which level of authorized seller, the client will go into the authorized sellers list.
  4. Shiningintl will make the paper certification for the applicants with shiningintl stamp and signature, send the certification to the applicants if necessary
  5. The applicants can be Shiningintl representative in local business, enjoy the Shiningintl reseller privileges in local market.