Strong Industrial Android Tablet Solution

Smochm Android tablet solution introduction

1.About smochm android pad solution

Shiningintl spends a long time to investigate the smart devices demand of industries  such as healthcare, manufactuer, logistics , these industies need a robus smart pad in terrible environment and The Smochm industrial Android pad is waterproof, dustproof and shatter-resist,  it is a versatile and powerful device,  designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in various industries such as healthcare, factory, and logistics. With comprehensive features of smochm pad, it can streamline operations, improve data accuracy, and provide real-time information to support decision-making processes.

2.Key Features of industrial android pads:

  1. Wi-Fi inside : The built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows for seamless communication with other devices and systems, enabling quick data transfer and access to information remotely.
  2. Touch Pad installed: The responsive touch pad provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface,  making it easy for users to navigate and operate the device.
  3. Barcode Scanner:  this pad has integrated barcode scanner ,it enables quick and accurate data entry, reducing manual input errors and improving overall efficiency.
  4. Cameras: two cameras inside,The high-quality camera allows for capturing images and videos, which can be used for documentation, quality control, or remote assistance.
  5. 4G LTE Network: The 4G LTE network ensures reliable and fast internet connectivity, allowing users to access real-time information and stay connected even in remote areas.
  6. Speaker and Microphone: The built-in speaker and microphone facilitate clear audio communication, making it easy to conduct remote meetings or collaborate with colleagues.
  7. Light-Sensor: The light sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness based on the surrounding lighting conditions, ensuring optimal visibility and reducing power consumption.
  8. M-Sensor (Compass): The compass sensor provides directional information, which can be useful in logistics and transportation applications.
  9. Gyroscope and G_sensor: These sensors detect and measure motion and orientation, enabling the device to provide accurate positioning and movement data.
  10. Thermometer: The built-in thermometer allows for temperature monitoring,a which can be crucial in healthcare and manufacturing settings.
  11. Two-Dimensional Barcode Support: The device supports two-dimensional barcode scanning, providing additional flexibility for data capture and tracking.
  12. NXP NFC Support: The Near Field Communication (NFC) featurers enables seamless data exchange and secure identification, which can be useful in access control  and payment systems.
  13. Barometer: The barometer sensor measures atmospheric pressure, which can be useful in weather monitoring and altitude measurement.
  14. Fingerprint Sensor: The fingerprint sensor provides an added layer of security, ensuring that only authorized users can access the device and its sensitive data.

3.what benifits can be get with smochm Industrial android pads

Industries Benefiting from Smochm Industrial Android Pad:

  1. Healthcare: with smochm waterproof, dustproof and shatter-resist industrial android pads, it can be used for patient registration, medication dispensing, and medical record management, improving the efficiency of healthcare facilities in hospital.
  2. Factory: The industrial Android pad can be used for inventory management, quality control inspections, and production tracking, enhancing the overall manufacturing process.
  3. Logistics: with the barcode scanner inside, the device can be used for package tracking, delivery confirmation, and warehouse management, streamlining the logistics operations and ensuring timely deliveries.

By incorporating the Smochm industrial Android pads into various industries, organizations can experience improved productivity, reduced errors, and enhanced data accuracy, ultimately leading to better outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Shiningintl is the owner of smochm brand, we provide OEM/ODM , wholesale and retail business in all level, if you have any plan about the industrial smart devices and gadgets, please contact us for more details. we have developped lots of products and solutions for industrials, we can provide from components to final finished products, help you in business success in our ccompany obligation.


download shiningintl industrial android pad solution specification

TypeDetailsStandard ConfigurationOptional
Product FormProduct Formrugged tablet PCNA
Product Colorblack+grey/black+redOptional
LCDScreen Size8 inch  16:10NA
Resolution1920*1200 IPS screenNA
TPTouch panel5 points capacity TP,G+FF,hardness over than 7H, scratch resistant, ,TP thickness:1.1mm,COFNA
Rear13.0MP, auto focus and flash light 
SpeakerBuilt-inBuilt-in 8Ω/1W waterproof speaker x 1NA
MicrophoneBuilt-inSensitivity: -43db, output impedance 2.2kΩNA
Battery(tablet)TypeBuilt-in Li-polymer batteryNA
Endurancenearly 10 hours ( 50% volume sounds, Max lumens brightness, 1080P HD video display by default )NA
Internet Connections
WIFIWIFI moduleWIFI 802.11(a/b/g/n)   frequency 2.4G+5.8G dual-frequency WIFI,Transmission distance:>20mNA
BluetoothBuilt-inBT5.0 (BLE) class1.5   Transmission distance:10mNA
2G/3G/4GBuilt-inGSM quad-frequency & WCDMA quad-frequency & TD-S(B34、B39)&EVDO & TDD(B38、B39、B40、B41)& FDD(B1、B2、B3、B4、B5、B7、B8、B 17、B 20)Optional
NavigationBuilt-inMT6625L 4 in 1 support chip set, GPS、BeiDou、GlonassGPS、BeiDou、Glonass:  select two in three
System Hardware Configuration
CPUTypeMTK6762 4G  Octa coreNA
GPUtypeARM ® Cortex-A53NA
 Indicator lightBuilt-in indicator light: red light flashing when low power, red light always on when power more than 20% ,green light always on when fully chargedNA
 Two-dimension barcodeBuilt-in Two-dimension  barcodeOptional
NFCBuilt-insupport,NXP NFC  Optional
FingerprintBuilt-insupport (Front)Optional
Standard Accessories
OTG cableOTG cableUSB OTG turn type-C USB cable  length 25mmNA
USB  cableUSB  cableUSB turn micro 5P L=1M    4 wires with aluminium foil and shieldingNA
AdapterStandardAC100V ~ 240V,50Hz/60Hz   Output DC 5V/2A    the European standard with  CE、CCC、UL certificate 
Software Configuration
Operation SystemOperation System
Android 9.0 
Product Certificate
Certificates SystemIP67 IP67
Testing:soaking in short time
Testing equipment:soaking tank.
Testing condition:put the sample into the soaking tank which is filled with water,the distance which is from sample bottom side to water surface,should be more than 1m. The distance which is from sample top side to water surface,should be more than 0.15m.
Testing time: 30 mins
BatteryUN38.3,MSDS, Aviation report, Sea transportation report, IEC62133 
Falling heightfrom 100cm  height to marble floor with booting status 
Working temperature -20 °C to 60 °C 
Storage temperature -30 °C to 70 °C 
HumidityHumidity: 95% Non-Condensing