The new PPS(programble power supply)solution: the perfect charger theorys and applications

pps(programble power supply) theory:

Shiningintl PPS solution can provide a Easily changeable power supply solution. it provides a low cost, small size, portable usage power supply solution. What is PPS(programble Power supply) ?PPS (Programmable Power Supply) fast charging technology is a fast charging technology based on the USB PD (Power Delivery) protocol, which can provide higher charging power and faster charging speed for charging devices.
     Here is a brief interpretation of PPS fast charging technology:


1 PPS Principle:

     PPS fast charging technology communicates and negotiates through the USB PD protocol, supporting up to 20V voltage and 5A current output. The output voltage and current can be dynamically adjusted according to the needs of the charging device to achieve faster charging speed and higher charging power.

2. PPS Advantages:

     Compared to traditional fast charging technologies such as QC and FCP, PPS fast charging technology has the following advantages:
– Higher power output: PPS fast charging technology supports a maximum power output of 100W, which can meet the high-speed charging needs of more types of devices
– Faster charging speed: PPS fast charging technology can dynamically adjust voltage and current according to the needs of charging devices, thereby achieving faster charging speed
– Safer charging: PPS fast charging technology supports multiple safety protection mechanisms, including overcurrent, overvoltage, over temperature protection, etc., which can ensure the safety of charging equipment
– Wider compatibility: PPS fast charging technology is based on the USB PD protocol and has a wider range of compatibility, supporting fast charging for various types of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. 3.

PPS Application:

       Currently, PPS fast charging technology has been applied by multiple manufacturers to their fast charging products, such as Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 5 and Huawei’s SuperCharge, providing users with a faster, safer, and more convenient charging experience.
       In summary, PPS fast charging technology is a new and efficient fast charging technology, with advantages such as higher power output, faster charging speed, safer charging, and wider compatibility. It is expected to become one of the mainstream technologies in the field of fast charging in the future.
       Shiningintl technology(smochm brand) has launched a new solution for the PPS(programble power supply) charger based on the PD protocol, the smochm power programmable adaptor can provide the voltage and current after the negotiation between smochm PPS chargers and the devices supported PPS protocols.  please bear in mind that now not all the chargers support the pps function, please inquire the sellers if you want to buy a PPS faster charger.

charging models

     The PPS specification integrates two charging modes: high voltage low current and low voltage high current. In addition, the PPS specification reduces the voltage regulation amplitude to 20mV, which is one tenth of the QC3.0 standard, making voltage regulation more precise.
     The technical principle of Qualcomm’s QC2.0/QC3.0 and MediaTek’s PE fast charging solution is the same, both of which increase charging voltage to improve charging power
The current fast charging technology is mainly divided into two camps: low-voltage fast charging and high-voltage fast charging.
Low voltage fast charging, represented by OPPO’s VOOC flash charging, increases charging power by increasing charging current.
Advantages: Low heat generation and high energy conversion efficiency
Disadvantages: Hardware customization required, high cost, and poor compatibility
High voltage fast charging is represented by Qualcomm QC2.0, and the technical principles of other manufacturers, like Qualcomm, are based on BC1.2, which increases charging voltage to improve charging power.
Advantages: Good compatibility, good inheritance, and stability
Disadvantages: High heat generation and low energy conversion efficiency.
The PPS protocol has combined the two advantage of the of high voltage charging and high current charging, that is why it becomes programble and call programble power supply.
   based on our shiningintl technology pps power supply charger, we can easily adjust the voltage through your devices and the shiningintl PPS charger. we can also adjust the shiningintl(smochm) PPS charger by pressing the function buttons on the power convertor.