Who we are? –smart electronics products and solutions experts

Shenzhen Shiningintl Technology Co., Ltd. is a trusted smart elctronics supplier including comprehensive portable electronics and gadgets device, it has been serving the global market since 2007.We are the China smart electronics solutions supplier with R&D and manufacturing. Till now we have built up a comprehensive smart electronic gadget solutions, such as smart watch, computing, Audio/video entertainment,beauty and health care, smart home, bluetooth device… We combine leading technology,such as GPS ,wifi,bluetooth,AI(artificial intelligence) technology into the electronics solutions. then build up our unique electronics products. We provide products from the terminals to the background internet service as ODM/OEM requirements.
We have served our customers from more than 100 countries,and achieved very good reputation ,such as USA, Spain,UK,Germany,Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Italy.

What we can help?–Portable Electronics and Gadgets device

Shiningintl provides OEM/ODM service on smart wearable device, IOT devices, creative comsumer electronics device. We have gained big success in the past decade through our technology support.
We promise:
1.Creative products and solutions
2.Best quality control
3.Reasonable cost performance
4.On time technical support service

Shiningintl(smochm) now provides you trusted smart electronics gadgets and solutions including smart wear/smart watch, portable monitor and pads, accessories for digital products and new energy products.

Smart Electronics: Portable Electronics and Gadgets Solutions Supplier
portable electronics solution supplier
Smart Electronics: Portable Electronics and Gadgets Solutions Supplier
smochm energy power supply solutions
portable electronics solution supplier

How Shiningintl help you in business success?

In Shiningintl, our business model include:OEM/ODM, Wholesale and Retail , these options can be choosen by the clients based on its requirements.

OEM mode (Original Equipment Manufacturer): In this business model, Shiningintl(smochm) will develop or create new products accooding to their specific requirements and specification. All products based on this mode is exclusive . For example, if A clients ask Shiningintl to develop a specific smart watch based on its requirement and market, we only ship this product to A client, and won’t disclose to any other clietns.

Wholesale: This business model involves the sale of goods in large quantities,when the clients become our retailers, Shiningintl(smochm) will supply the retailers with smochm brand products,include smart watches, pads and other smart gadgets.

Retail: In this model, goods are sold directly to consumers, typically the buyers can get our products from our worldwide wholesalers, or directly from our online flag store in online platforms.

We help you to succeed your dream and ideas with our professional tech and engineering.

to become a seller of shiningintl(smochm), we provide creative, good quality products worldwide, help local success.

want to order a product directly on line? visit our local resellers online store here worldwide.

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shiningintl is leading smart electronics gadgets supplier
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We have many success models gadgets launched to market, include the most popular model with powerful GPS ,wifi, and music entertainment inside samrt watch, we provide solution from the terminals to the background internet service such as internet server..

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