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smochm portable monitor display

product instruction book for portable monitor 24PM156

Portable Monitor 24PM156 Features Application for portable monitor:    In this era of information overload, our lives and work are ceaselessly in pursuit of efficiency and convenience. The Smochm portable display is a technological masterpiece created to cater to this demand. It effortlessly extends your computer and smartphone screens via […]

how to get one new good e-marker type-c cable

Welcome to Shiningintl(the owner of brand smochm) , how to choose a type-c cable for your phone or computer ? What is the E-Marker chip for data cables and what is its purpose? there are lots of secret about this important cable, please read through this page before you make […]

how to turn off heart rate automatical test in wmswatch smart watch

Some users complain that the heart rate LED will automatically turn on , this is not a problem, it is the wmswatch heart rate monitor function on working. Normally, there are three modes for heart rate function in wmswatch, they are: 1.the sports mode: in sports mode, the wmswatch will […]

wmswatch wifi gps mp3

FAQ for wmswatch gps wifi mp3 sport smart watch

The wmswatch is the most powerful smart watch now, it has built up the GPS, wifi ,MP3 music, wireless charger, bluetooth earphones, heart rate monitor, steps count into small watch, but as it is so advanced in new technology, the users may have questions on how to operate the wmswatch, […]