compare sports GPS music smart watch:apple watch Garmin watch and Wmswatch

comparing sports running smart watch: Apple watch, Garmin Watch, Samsung smart watch, wmswatch, the apple watch ,Samsung watch and Garmin watch are famous for a long time, but that price is not the choice for so many people, here is why the wmswatch exist.

wmswat sports music gps watch

wmswat sports music gps watch

what we consider to choose a sports watch?

At first , we need to filt out the main problems in sports , WhenIn sports,There are some requirements to consider:

1. When running, I don’t want to take my mobile phone, but also want to record the running track information. After searching for a few days, I found that most of the bracelets have to be with my mobile phone to record the running track;

2. I need app for the smartphone for iPhone and android, can sync the sports data and GPS tracks into smartphone, the app can manage my sports records for a long time, at least few monthes, it will statistic the distance of every month sports.
3: with the he bracelet and smart watch, I can listen to music without a phone, I can enjoy music while in my sports , music is important to me.

wmswat sports music gps watch

wmswat sports music gps watch

These 3 consideration are the common problems that a smart watch user need to fix, so how the users to choose?In order to meet these requirement, the users have options to choose among Wmswatch, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and other mobile phone manufacturers. Now, apple watch is recommended first,wmswatch the most economical

compare wmswatch to apple watch Garmin watch and Samsung watch
wmswatch can solve these 3 problems in a very useful and without too much expensive, here is the reasons:

1.with wmswatch, Please keep in mind that you can record your GPS running track. You don’t need to take your mobile phone when running. After running, you can easily transfer data to Android mobile phone.,

2.Wmswatch has music ,GPS and precise heart rate tracking function, which can accurately read the pulse data and calculate the heart rate, so as to continuously exercise at an acceptable intensity and adjust the pace anytime and anywhere. You can view running data, such as calorie consumption or pace. It supports music storage (128M), built in big lound speaker,and can independently connect Bluetooth headset to play music. With a wireless earphones, you can run while listening to music, and you can also listen to the speaker on the watch. It also has a built-in speaker and 50m waterproof function, which can be used independently without the mobile phone, and the cached data can be automatically synchronized after connecting to the mobile phone. It can be called a professional music running watch.

For choosing a sports watch that can listen to music, you can consider the following aspects: GPS function, heart rate, standby time. It is necessary to have an accurate GPS positioning system to record the GPS track; To have accurate heart rate tracking function, more adjust their exercise intensity.super long standby time tfor in 3-5 days,wmswatch has all these features comparing to apple watch and Garmin watch, but of course, the price of wmswatch is so small,

All the three watches can synchronize the data and show the GPS track in a way of providing map intuitively. Moreover, Apple watch and Garmin smart watch use GPS and GLONASS double GPS system, comparing to this , the wmswatch support all GPS, GLONASS and BEIDOU , the speed and track accuracy of satellite searching from wmswatch is better performance in some aspect.

wmswatch wifi gps sport smart watch

wmswatch wifi gps sport smart watch

when wearing the wmswatch, the user can listen to the iin watch speaker. Isn’t that the function of MP 3? Indeed, it also has a large storage capacity. Imagine how convenient it is for you to go out with such a watch and listen to music without taking your mobile phone while walking. and you also listen to music without the wired headphones, otherwise it will be a lot of trouble. Connecting the Bluetooth headset to wmswatch, without smartphone needed, you can directly connect with this watch wirelessly, which is really quite convenient and practical. Another key word of the watch is “Sport”. in watch software can record your sports GPS track , distance and steps, monitoring your heart rate beating.

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