FAQ for wmswatch gps wifi mp3 sport smart watch

The wmswatch is the most powerful smart watch now, it has built up the GPS, wifi ,MP3 music, wireless charger, bluetooth earphones, heart rate monitor, steps count into small watch, but as it is so advanced in new technology, the users may have questions on how to operate the wmswatch, here are the sum up of frequent asked questions and answers for the users reference.

1.How the wifi work
A: the watch and smart phone connect to the same wifi router, WIFI download music from phone to watch , easily to download your love songs from your smart phone to wmswatch in high speed.,and the watch can get internet weather based on the gps information.
2.how th GPS work?
A:GPS track record: when start sports , the build in GPS chipset will automatically record the GPS location independently, no smart phone need, it can record the outdoor GPS tracker by wmswatch itself.
3.How to down load song to wmswatch
A:1G bit storage in watch to store songs,the wmswatch build in nandflash to store songs, the wifi download songs can be directly store inside wmswatch nandflash by wifi.
4.How the system update work?
A:wmswatch firmware update support,download the firmware from the wimus APP to wmswatch , the wmswatch has powerful system update capabilities, it can add new functions into the wmswatch by update the wmswatch firmware, it is easy to do for we provide flexible capability to download firmware and install it, the feature can bring continues wmswatch improvement.

5. Can the wmswatch connectto earphone?
A:the perfect sports smart watch to connect to Bluetooth Earphone and TWS earphone,the wmswatch has 2 ways for listening to music, you can listen to the build in speakers directly, if you want to keep yourself alone, you can connect the bluetooth earphones to the wmswatch, can wear your bluetooth earphone to listen to music.

7.How the weather app to get weather information?
A:internet weather based on the user location, the wmswatch will detect its location information based on the inside GPS chip, when the GPS information is available and the wifi connection is in good signal status, it will search the realtime weather information and display.
7. is the wmswatch can play music without smart phone need?
A:wmswatch can play local Music ,wmswatch has MP3 decoder, it can play mp3 music stored inside the wmswatch, don’t need to connect to smart phone, the users can listen to music in sports without a cellphone need, just wear his/her wmswatch on wrist.
8.where to find the GPS information?
A:sports statistics, the sports information includes the GPS tracker(if the GPS signal available), time period, distance and heart rate monitor , and it will calculate the user’s month sports distance automatically.