smart watch solutions

Bluetooth smart watch solution


MT 2502/2503

Low power consumption

32M ,64M ,128M ROM option depend on requirment


BT version:EDR+BLE

Option to support GSM/GPRS

Touch screen support: depend on requirement

Sensors support option: G-sensor,Heart rate, CMOS,GPS ,sports, sleep monitor etc,

Android system smart watch solutions

Android smart system version 4.4,5.1 or 6.0

RAM 512MB at lease

ROM 4G at lease

Network support both GSM and WCDMA

Camera support

Support apk installation

wifi, Bluetooth available

sensors depend on requirement

stand alone

OTA update function available by wifi or WCDMA network

Powerful multicore CPU and GPU

MT2511 health care smart watch/ bracelet solution

sensing EKG (Electrocardiography) and PPG(Photoplethysmography) simultaneously
2-in-1 bio-sensing AFE (Voltage/Current)
Built-in beat interval detection circuit with SRAM can optimize power consumption for sleep heart
rate monitoring
Integrates an oscillator to offer high-precision clock with external crystal.
Flexible timing control for dynamic power down for power saving.
Two-electrode (2E) mode and right leg drive (RLD) mode for EKG monitoring. Ultra-low power consumption
Multiple application combination: low power consumption Bluetooth bracelet or smart watch with network

Industrial smart watch solution

In the industrial scinarios, the demand for wearable equipment will be increasing in order to increase the degree of automation, reduce manual processing, and increase employee health and well-being. In our industrial situation, such as manufacturing, mining, or the medical industry, in this series of industries, wearable equipment has practical applied. It is foreseeable that wearable equipment will become a key component of the worker’s toolkit and its application will become increasingly rich , Shiningintl has many smart watches for consummer electronic product,the Shiningintl industrial smart watch solution can provide a general hardware and software foundation for industrial applications.