the wmswatch smartwatch system update firmware available

the new wms watch firmware system update package is available, now, wmswatch is smart watch combined GPS, MP3 player, wifi , dual bluetooth connection to earphone and smartphone, and all most powerful features such as heart rate, sports….


       1.add the weather prompt when wifi not available and GPS information not available


wmswatch v1.0.5-A firmware download



the new system update firmware package has improved the features:

  1. new smart main menu, the new menu responding speed has improved 100%
  2. new language support, add new languages for hebrew and Simple Chinese
  3. adopt new font display, this new fonts has big size and more beautiful.

please download the firmware and update your wmswatch:

wmswatch v1.0.5 firmware download

the operation guide for update wmswatch please follow:

operation guide for system update