ECG Secret 1: Is the new one smart watch electrocardiogram monitoring reliable?


What is ECG monitoring on smart watch?

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is the smart watch ECG reliable?

                                                    is the smart watch ECG reliable?

Some models of smartwatches from brands have obtained product registration certificates from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) for medical devices, such as Huawei, A pple,OPPO ,which belong to the category of wearable medical devices with certificates.

Operation guide of smart watch ECG

so how to do the test?
Any two points on the surface of the human body will generate electrophysiological signals, forming a potential difference; The electrocardiogram signal can be generated from its potential difference, and connected to an electrocardiogram machine, the waveform of the electrocardiogram can be traced.

As the above theory explained, the crown and back of the smartwatch have two titanium and silicon chromium nitride carbon electrodes, which can be worn on your wrist to continuously collect and obtain human electrocardiogram signals. People perform electrocardiogram examinations in hospitals using a 12 lead standard electrocardiogram machine. The LCD display screen of a smartwatch is only about 1 square inch, and the displayed electrocardiogram is a single channel electrocardiogram signal waveform; The information obtained is limited. A smartwatch can be used to provide warning prompts for sinus rhythm and abnormal atrial fibrillation.

Sinus rhythm is a normal heart rhythm in the human body, but atrial fibrillation often causes ischemic stroke. Some patients have a short onset time and are asymptomatic, often missing the opportunity to seek medical attention in a timely manner. Wearing a smartwatch can monitor and record the above conditions and alert for abnormal electrocardiogram. For the elderly and users with atrial fibrillation, a watch with ECG (electrocardiogram) function can serve as a warning and risk avoidance function. However, due to technological bottlenecks, it cannot be used to detect heart attacks, blood clots, myocardial infarction, and stroke; It is also not possible to 100% identify all atrial fibrillation.

Advantages of smart watch ECG

so what advantages can the smart watch ECG mornitoring function bringing to our life? the advantages are obvious.
The features of the ECG function in smartwatches include:

Convenience: The ECG function in smartwatches allows for electrocardiogram monitoring anytime and anywhere, eliminating the need for hospital or clinic visits.

Real-time monitoring: The ECG function in smartwatches can monitor the user’s electrocardiogram signals in real-time, enabling timely detection of abnormalities.

High precision: The ECG function in smartwatches utilizes advanced sensors and algorithms to achieve high-precision electrocardiogram monitoring.

Data analysis: The ECG function in smartwatches can analyze and process electrocardiogram data, providing more detailed health reports and recommendations.

Personalized services: The ECG function in smartwatches can offer personalized health services and management plans based on individual user conditions and needs.

Looking for the reliable ECG smart watch supplier

how to find a reliable smart watch supplier?

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