smart electronics solutions supplier

Shiningintl is a leading high technology solution supplier in electronics and software solution, we bring the latest technologies and products worldwide with our headquater based in Shenzhen China, our products and solutions include smart wear products and smart business, the smart wear solution includes smart watch, smart audio; the smart business include industial computer hardware and software, welcome worldwide clients to cooperate, we can help you grow up your business with our leading technlogies!


1.wifi chipset inside connect internet
2.stand alone GPS chipset, watch mp3 storage and music player
4.wireless charging
5.double bluetooth connect to earphone and


shiningintl SmoPods smart glasses

1. fast responding to light change;
2. Low power Smart micro electronics chipset technology;
3. driven by solar power energy;
4. Flexile LCD displaying technology;
5. Latest polaroid technology for light filter;
6. Light weight as the normal sunglasses.more…

Shiningintl smart phone storage extender update 2017


1.TF card storage from 16GB to 512GB.

2.5000mAh power bank for phone charging .

3.Wi-Fi Bridge between Wi-Fi router and your phones

4.Wi-Fi back up your Video/Audio/Photes


shiningintl bluetooth mesh smart lighting solution

1.polarized UV lens and blue light blocked lens
2.bluetooth 5.0 earphone function
3.magnetic charger
4.touch sensor inside
5.perfect companion of wmswatch

Shiningintl android sports smart watch 6.0 smart watch
2.4G network and voice call,WI-FI,GPS navigation,
3.2M camera,Heart rate monitor,
4.Multi sports modes, professional health data analysis



1.High integration
2.Built-in 3G/4G PCI-E
3.Rich interface
4.High-definition output support
5.general purpose compatible