Shiningintl embedded computing and industrial computing introduction

What is embedded computer

At first look at what the wikipedia says about embedded computer   –“An embedded system is a computer system with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system, often with real-time computing constraints. It is embedded as part of a complete device often including hardware and mechanical parts. Embedded systems control many devices in common use today..”

shiningintl X86 embedded computer

The difference between embedded computer and general computer

There are different computing type when the computer becoming a part of our life, as the technology developing, nowadays the computer is everywhere. In many situation they are the same function, but general the embedded computing devices are more stable requirement than the general computer.Some people confuse embedded computers with general computers but they are different from each other. here is the difference between general computer and embedded computer

  • An embedded computer only focuses on some specific function or industrial , it is used only some fix function
  • general purpose computer such as our working computer are used for general tasks, people use it for  job, entertainment, web surfing, different time in different function.
  • Embedded Computer can only work on a specific task.
  • General computer often work on different functions at the same time. There is no specific task, you may listening music, typing paper, website surfing, movie playing, the tasks will changes as soon as the users want it to be.
  • embedded computer only works for a specific task, for example the kiosk in the bank, it only works for the users who want to get information about its bank account, only get data from the bank server and show them on the screen, or receive input from the users, than send back to the back servers for processing, no body can use it to surf internet or play music, because the function is locked or disable.
  • The embedded computer is more restrict than general computer, the image is burnt on the ROM or lock by mechanical method, and user cannot install his own application software on it freely
  • Embedded computer is designed on a different criteria and constraints as compared to general computer.
  • Normally A general computer is frequent update to support external devices and peripherals. It is able to upkeep itself with latest technology and devices. It is forbidden to update without enough testing for the new function , in most of the time an embedded computer can support only a limited devices.
  • Generally, the mini PC can be use a general computer, it also can be used in specific application such as ATM, factory control.

Shiningintl has been in computing developping and application for many years, the detai embedded computer in industries is different in requirement.

Shiningintl Embedded computer type


  • All modern control systems are based either on embedded computer or on PLC
  • Embedded computer can be in different categories :RISC(reduced instruction set computer) and CISC,(Complex Instruction Set Computer), the RISC computer is often called embedded computer, the CISC computer can be used as embedded computer or general computer.
  • Programmable logic control is used in industries but embedded computers are used everywhere.
  • In embedded computers, all of the system is enclosed in some case while it is provided with and user interface.
  • This interface is for the user to control and manage the operations of the computer and to see the output in some cases.
  • The embedded computer is designed to meet the specifications of the control system.
  • The embedded computer should be programmed in such a way that it should be able to control the variables and processes.
  • The program should be real time so it can perform all operations in some time interval fulfilling the requirement.
  • The control systems also require safety mechanisms that are controlled by embedded computers.



Scenario of Shiningintl embedded computer usage:

1.industrial control:

Based on the embedded computer equipments will develop fast, there are already a large number of 8,16,32, bit embedded64 microcontrollers in application, the embedded computer industrial device is to improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce cost of human resources, such as Industrial process control, digital machine tools, power grid system safety, petro-chemical systems. On the traditional industrial control products, the low-end type is often used 8-bit microcontroller. But with the development of technology, 32-bit, 64-bit processor has gradually become the main stream of industrial control equipment, in the next few years will be developed by leaps and bounds.

  1. Traffic management:

In the vehicle navigation, flow control, information monitoring and automotive services, embedded computer system technology has been widely used, embedded GPS module, GSM module mobile positioning terminal has been in a variety of application.

  1. Information appliances:

This will be called the largest application of embedded systems in refrigerators, air conditioning , washing machine and other appliances, intelligent  appliances will lead people’s lives into a new era of smart living.


  1. POS and e-commercial business,

Public transportation distribution system, public telephone card charging system, vending machines, all kinds of intelligent ATM terminals will be into people’s living

    5.Real-time monitoring,

embedded computer applies in environment protection surveillance, flood control system and soil and water quality monitoring, earthquake monitoring network, real-time meteorological information network, water and air pollution monitoring. In many harsh environments, complex systems, embedded systems will achieve unattended monitoring


The development of embedded computer will make the robot in the small size, high intelligence . the advantage of smart robot is more and more obvious, and will significantly reduce the price of the robot to make it in the industrial field and services to obtain a wider range of applications


What will happen in the next embedded computer :

Shiningintl provide the latest embedded computer in all kind of situation, from small footprint to large professional large computer, as the trend in the future is changing:

  1. smaller footprint, more powerful computing capability

The smart devices have become the mainstream of consumer electronics , as the power consumption chips are developed by new technology , the system on chip computer is widely applied in all kind of device to make our devices smarter and smaller.

  1. RISC and CISC architecture will more and more the same function

As the development of RISC embedded computer , the RISC can get more and more powerful, it can replaced many applications of CISC, and the CISC will be more and more light way, it also compete the RISC in smart devices.

  1. General computer and embedded computer are more and more the same. The mini PC can be a general computer, it also can be an embedded computer in industrial control.