the 2018 best bluetooth headests review

As the I7S tws earbuds become popular in the world following the Apple airpods, this true wireless stereo earbuds i7s has turned the bluetooth earbuds into real wireless earphone, and it is hot in all over the world, but many of the buyers and resellers are disturbed by the quality of the i7s tws earphones. there are many suppiers who supply the I7S, I7S TWS, hbq i7s tws, most of the buyers are dizzy by some many kinds of i7s earphones. and there are so many bad quality suppiers in the market,  choosing a best quality product is the most important things, it can reduce the problem when dealing with a qualified i7s tws earbuds supplier.

What problems will happen when dealing with a bad i7s tws earbuds supplier? here are the summary of problems that you may meet when dealing this business:

shiningintl i7s tws qi charging earbuds

shiningintl i7s tws qi charging earbuds

  1. Short battery life

for a normal size i7s tws earbuds, the battery should be real 40-45mah , but many suppliers said that their earbuds have a big battery who can work for 4-5 hours, actually  many of them use a battery smaller than the normal one to cost down, and the workig time is not as they said, and it is common that many suppliers labels a fake battery capacity, it work only for a very short time.

  • the charging cabin explode

the good i7s tws earbuds has a battery protection in the charging case cabin, when it is full charged, it will stop the current automatically, it is save and protect the cabin from damage. but many suppliers reduce this battery protection circuit to reduce cost, it is dangrous to explode the battery when charging for a long time. it is this kind of examples are reported by the public.

  • can’t turn on the earphone

the worst thing is that after you bought a cheap i7s tws earbuds, and waiting it is shipped to your house, but you found that you can’t turn it on finally, it is so dispointed to encount this kind of thing, but this thing frequently happens on some bad quality i7s tws,  some buyers always choose the lowest price products, but the price related to the quality guarantee. For this kind of problem, there may be two kind of reasons:

the first one is the battery damage, if the battery is damaged, the headset can’t be turned on any more, even it can be turned on, it won’t last for long, because the battery can’t support the current enough to work normally.

Tthe second problem may in the PCBA, because many suppliers choose a bad quality bluetooth PCBA, there may have fake welding point, the circuit is easy to break

  • can’t charge the earbuds

this kind of problem frequently happen on those earbuds with a bad charging pin in the case, there is a pin inside the charging cabin who penetrate into the earbuds for charging, if the two parts is not fix well, it may not charge, when you find the earbud red led is not on, try to turn around the earbuds, and see whether it works.

  • the  charging interface can’t take off from the cabin

some earbuds are not fix well enough, the low charging interface need to add glue to fix , but in order to reduce cost, many earbuds without this adding glue procedure,  it lead to the earbud part leaving in the cabin, can’t be take waway.

  • can’t pairing the two airbuds

this problem will happen when something wrong with the chipset inside the earbuds , there is one chip inside each earbud to bring these two earbuds together, then one becomes the master to communicate with the smart phone, and transfer the music to the another one with this inside chip.

we have summarized the problems in the market found, so make the conclusion that the i7s tws earbuds is a popular product in the market now, but you have to deal with a qualified bluetooth earbuds supplier, Shiningintl is the bluetooth solution provider and device maufacturer, we have wholesales, OEM, ODM service to worldwide clients, but in 2018, there are new trend for the bluetooth headset and earbuds, i7s tws earbuds still popular all over the world, but Shiningintl always chase the best quality and creative products, now we have developed our latest new i7s tws earbuds style products and smart bluetooth headsets launch in 2018:

  1. the Qi wireless charging tws earbuds

An normal i7s tws earbuds can’t supprise the clients, you need more modern features earbuds to supprise the users, Shiningintl just launch the latest design new generation earbuds. This earbuds  apperance is similar to the i7s tws earbuds, but it has a creative Qi wireless charging inside the cabin, it should be the most fashionable design in 2018 bluetooth earbuds, hope we can help you attact more buyers with this creative bluetooth earbuds.

         2.the smart bluetooth headsets

Shiningintl is a smart speaker supplier in the wifi smart radio area, (more information about Amazon alexa speaker and Google home speaker),as smart speakers have dominated your home and office, we all used to the helping of smart assistant in our living, but unfortunately the smart speakers can only help you when you at home or office, the mobilization of smart assistants is necessary for us, Shiningintl now has launched the bluetooth smart headset solutions recently, this solution will bring the smart assistants with your all the time even you go out of office and home, make you always connect to your information . now the alexa bluetooth headphone will be available soon from Shiningintl.

Amazon alexa-enable/Apple siri-enabled bluetooth headset