shiningintl portable screen solution

smochm portable monitor solution

Shiningintl(smochm) portable mornitor screen solution is a type of display device that can be easily carried around and used in different locations. Shiningintl(smochm) has a lightweight and compact design, making it convenient for people to use on the go.

Shiningintl Alexa-enabled Audio Device Solutions

Shiningintl smart audio products and solution cover a large audio devices, we have developed a wide range products categories :Wi-Fi technology Alexa-enabled speaker,  Bluetooth connection only Alexa-enabled speaker and smart Bluetooth Alexa-enabled headset and earphone, now our latest innovative and

Shiningintl smart home for alexa and google home

Smart Home for Alexa and Google home

this is the brief introduction of Shiningintl smart home solution with amazon alexa and google home, the Shiningintl smart home solution has a extendable platform, it can support customization as clients requirement, this page also shows how the Shiningintl smart home work with Amazon alexa and google home voice control