Android ARM Cortex-A17 RK3288 Industrial computer Motherboard

SIPC3288 Android motherboard, using Rockchip RK3288 quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 CPU, supports high-performance dual-channel memory for high-performance application processing.

Product Description


High integration:

integrated USB/LVDS/Ethernet/HDMI/WIFI//SATA in one, simplifying the overall design, pluggable SD card.

Built-in 3G/4G PCI-E:

Supports 3G and 4G modules such as Huawei, ZTE, Cell, and X-Ray. More suitable for the remote maintenance of advertising machine, saving labor costs.

Rich interface:

7 USB ports (1 OTG switch, 4 pins, 2 standard USB ports), 3 serial ports, one SATA port, WIFI, remote head, and indicator socket.


Maximum support 3840*2160@60HZ decoding and a variety of LVDS signal LCD display, support horizontal and vertical screen playback, timer switch, access to the host unique identification, SD card change screen parameters, version upgrades.


SIPC3288 Android motherboard, using Rockchip RK3288 quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 CPU, integrates four ARM Mali-T764 GPUs, supports up to 3840X2160 display, uses hard decoding, supports 2160p@24fps/H.264 decoding, 2160P @60fps/HEVC H.265 decoding, support H.264/MVC/VP8 encoding in 1080p@30fps format, high quality JPEG codec, compatible with most video and picture decoding formats. The embedded 3D GPU is fully compatible and supports OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.0, OpenCL 1.1, RenderScrip, and DirectX 11; the RK3288 supports high-performance dual-channel memory for high-performance application processing.


The SIPC3288 motherboard is equipped with an Android 5.1/6.0 system and comes standard with 2GB LPDDR3 (512MB*4) and 8GB EMMC (8G/16G/32G/64G optional). Support 4K*2K HDMI2.0 video output, dual 8-bit/10-bit LVDS driver, can dynamically configure the LCD parameters, can directly drive the LVDS interface display, and support the mainstream of the market more than 40 infrared / optical / acoustic / resistance / Capacitive touch screen; 7 USB ports and 3 UART expansion ports for external touch screen/3G/4G module/printer/camera/card reader/barcode scanner/coiner/U disk/HDD The full support, while directly supporting external SATA hard drives, can meet the needs of different customers; integrated 1000M bandwidth RJ45 network port / WiFi & 2.4G Bluetooth in one, and built-in miniPCI-3G & 4G module and SIM card interface, can adapt to a variety of modes network connection Mode and data access requirements.

Shiningintl android ARM industrial computing

Shiningintl android ARM industrial computing motherboard

PCB:6 layers


thickness 1.6mm

screw spec:∮3mm x 4



CPU: Rockchip RK3288 quad-core ARM Cortex-A17,integrated 4 ARM Mali-T764 GPU
RAM :2G DDR3(Option 4G)
ROM :8G storage for standard configuration(options: 8G/16G/32G)
External storage :Maximum 64G TF
Display interface :support LVDS, HDMI ,maximum resolution 3840*2160
Power supply for display: 3.3V(15 inches below)/5V(17~24 inches display)/12V(26 inches above)
touch support: USB touch interface, and support I2C at the same time
network:Giga BYTE wire E-ethernet network  Support 2.4G wireless E-thernet
bluetooth ,3G/4G CDMA,WCDMA,LTE

camera: USB camera,max 500W pixels

clock: Timer to power on/power off  ,Software watchdog Monitor applications working
Support USB touch,USB caera, keyboard,mouse,USB hdd

Support infrared remote control and LED indicator

support LVDS、HDMI, max 4k*2k output

support I2S audio output,I2C touch pannel
7 USB(1 OTG -microUSB,4 pins,2 standard USB)

3 U-art,1 I2C, SATA,4 GPIO

External TF card,max 64G

Audio amplifier output,8Ω/2*10W

Standard earphone and microphone