Smart Home for Alexa and Google home

Shingingintl smart home product brief introduction

Shiningintl smart home products are a serials of smart products with the latest technology to work for the Amazon Alexa, Google home and Apple home pod(in the future) voice command in the AI era. The Shiningintl wifi smart home products based on the Shiningintl smart home solution, and integrate the Amazon alexa and Google home smart skills, it can support both Alexa and Google home voice commands.
Because the Shiningintl wifi smart home solution is a scalable base, it empower our clients to get more customization and differentiation in their product, cooperate with shiningintl , bring the latest customized smart control functions into products in a short time,less cost and big market.
The classic products in Shiningintl Alexa/google home smart home product involve:
a. lamps: widely apply in lamps such as bulb, spot light, panel light, strip light, desk light and downlight.
b. Plugs: power strip, plugs and USB plugs
c. Switches: touch switch, wall switch,
Shiningintl smart home products have passed both Amazon and Google certification:
Alexa Skill Kit certification:
Google home Actions certification:

Shiningintl smart home interactive diagram

Shiningintl smart home interation

The users interact with the Amazon alexa enabled speaker(include Echo, Echo dot, Echo show and speakers from Shiningintl, please refer to shiningintl smart speaker), google home speaker(include Google home Max,Google home mini and Shiningintl google home speaker products.), and the commands go through the internet, then reach the Shiningintl smart home products.


Shiningintl smart home command procedures

the commands from Amazon alexa and Google home will go to the alexa/Google home cloud , and then the Amazon alexa or Google home cloud communicates with the Shiningintl cloud service, the Shiningintl cloud service transfer the commands to the Shiningintl smart home products. The control unit of the products will directly instruct the hardware to respond the commands.
The procedures are shown below:

Shiningintl smart home devices communicate with Amazon Alexa and Google home

Shiningintl smart home devices communicate with Amazon Alexa and Google home

Shiningintl alexa/Google home wifi smart home product features:

 802.11b/g/n wifi protocols support
 Wifi direct connect, soft-ap mode
 Certified Alexa skill kit protocol
 Certified googhle home actions protocol
 Rich interface in module for function extension,support SDIO 2.0, spi,UART, better for product customization and differentiation
 STBC function available, MIMO
 Low power consumption, the hibernate power rated <1.0mw

Shiningintl alexa/Google home wifi smart home architecture

There are TWO units in the Shiningintl smart home products: controller unit, strong electrical circuit, the controller unit is the core of Shiningintl smart home device, it is the most important part for customized function. Below is the architecture of Controller

shiningintl alexa google home wifi smart home controller diagram

the detail hardware diagram of Shiningintl smart home control unit for Amazon alexa and Google home

the shiningintl alexa and google home controller hardware

for the detail information of Shiningintl smart home solution, please refer to below picture:


shiningintl smart home solution parameter


Shiningintl Amazon Alexa, Google home action smart home product category:


Shiningintl Smart Switch

The switch on/off function is one of the most popular function in smart home control, both Amazon Alexa and Google home voice control have integrate this function as a basic operation in smart home. Here is the theory of how Shiningintl smart watch work:

Shiningintl smart switch to Amazon alexa and Google home

As it is shown in the picture, this is a three gang one way switch, each gang need two pins in our module to control, one is for detecting button/touch input , and the other one is to output the control signal to electrical relay:
a. as shown in the picture, the button1, button 2 and button3 pins separately refer to output signal switch1 ,switch2 and switch3
b. the button pin is high voltage level, the related switch pin is also high voltage level, when button on the gang is changed to low with the gang operation, the related switch pin will also output low voltage level to control the connected circuit, such as the electrical relay.
c. When the Shiningintl module get command from Amazon Alexa or Google home device, it will change the related switch pin to voltage level it need.

Shiningintl Smart Plug:

As shown in Shiningintl smart plug theory plug, for the typical application, there are two pins for controlling in Shiningintl smart plug solution.

Shiningintl smart plug solution

a. The button pin to detect the key pressing,
b. The switch pin to output control signal, the high or low output will control the plug on/off status.

Shiningintl smart LED light

In Shiningintl smart LED light solution, there are two typical applications:
Cold –warm LED adjustment light
Cold-warm RGB LED adjustment light
The Shiningintl Amazon Alexa, Google home smart light solution has 5 pins for separately control of LED light. These pins output maximum 1k Hz PWM wave to adjust the related light factor such as RGB, cool ,warm


the Shiningintl smart LED product solution for amazon alexa and google home


here are some example for Shiningintl adjustable smart LED products:

shiningintl smart LED sample


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