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Shiningintl Smochm IWO 3 heart rate smart watch

Shiningintl IWO3 plus firmware update notes 7

As the shiningintl IWO3 plus smart watch is released in July 2017,we have released the first version firmware in July, and we will keep the firmware updating to get more and more function coming out and optimize the firmware.

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the way to solve problem in IWO3 plus smart watch: update the firmware of IWO3 plus

There is a big problem in IWO 2/IWO 2A, these two smart watch has the interface hided in the band slot, it is not easy to update the firmware when there is some problem within the smart watch, now the IWO 3 changes to the pins connection instead of wireless charger, that give space to install a better heart rate monitor sensor, and make it possible to maintain the smart watch with a firmware update, even the watch is dead, it can be recoverd again by reflash the firmware if no hardware damage.

shiningintl IWO 2 smart watch

how to correctly connect an IWO 2 smart watch to iPhone 4

The IWO 2 smart watch from is a fashion smart watch with the same appearance as apple watch, it has the capability to work with both android smart phone and iPhones, many buyers has difficulty to connect correctly to the iPhone, especially the iPhone 7 who has iOS 10 installed,how to correct configuration the connection with IWO 2 smart watch to iPhone?

MTK2502 IWO 2nd generation smart watch manufacturer

how a fashion smart watch is manufactured 3

Today ,we will guide you to have a tour about how a fashion smart watch is manufactured, the MT2502 smart watch is very hot in the online marcket, such as Ebay,Aliexpress and our online offical store .the whole process is very complicated, but today we will show how the product procedure of […]