Shiningintl MTK 2502c 1st Gen smart watch firmware update(3 languages)-June 59

shiningintl 1st generation smart watch(MTK2502C ) firmware updatefirmware pack download

For the clients who that bought the 1st generation smart watch from Shiningintl, they asked us frequently about the firmware update,at this stage, we wouldn’t add new features to this one due to it is stable software,but for someone has problems with the watch, they need the firmware to have a try to find out it is the software issue or hardware issue.but unfortunately, we can help you nothing if the hardware damage:), it has to been repaired by return to us.

This version firmware includes 3 languages:English, Simple Chinese,Traditional Chinese, it is for Asia customers update.

it is MUST to be declaim: don’t update firmware if nothing wrong with your shiningintl smart watch! because it need some skill to handle this.

In order to avoid nonsense update,before you want to update the smart watch, please send your purchase order number and the description of problem to our support, if necessary, the technical support will give you the password to the firmware package.

the purchase order should belong to any of Shiningintl official online store, Shiningintl on Aliexpress, Shiningintl on Ebay.

59 thoughts on “Shiningintl MTK 2502c 1st Gen smart watch firmware update(3 languages)-June

  • Tebogo

    Dear sir,

    Please see the mail I have send you with the details of the problem (nonresponsive Touch screen) and the purchase order details on Aliexpress.

    Please email me the password to un-rar the firmware so I can try to see if the new firmware will solve the problem.

    Thank you,


    • Tebogo

      Dear Sir,

      This didn’t solve my problem, touch screen is still nonresponsive. And the firmware is in Chinese characters, so not use full for Europe.

      Please post an other firmware, for Europe.
      For my watch it was original version “W300GG_02C_WATCH_INT_UV_2_160218”, please post that version.

      Thank you,


      • Greg

        I have same issue as you Tebogo. I too had that same original FW and updated with first posted FW from this site and touch screen became unresponsive. Please post your solution if you find one.

    • admin Post author

      Dear Mohammad,
      if there is not something wrong with the watch, please don’t upgrade it because it may cause issue when mis-operation

  • Josemi

    hi, my 1st generation smartwatch dont Works fine. The touch screen goes crazy, its like a invisible finger touch the screen. can you help me?

  • Marek H.

    I have watch with version

    Can I get the most recent version of firmware for this model?

    The most annoying issues:
    – repeating old notifications which were already presented just becuase watch got connected to the phone (BT range) – it should not be so all messages already shown on my watch should never be triggered again – please tell me how to fix that
    – using MediaTEK smart device app on my iPhine 6 Plus as the dedicagted app for iPhone is unstable (also log in / register option do not work at all)

    • admin Post author

      dear Richard,
      the watch we sent is the latest version, you don’t need to do that, and it is for those have problem in working to update, thanks.

  • Martin

    hello support
    my watch works not , it reboot but no watchface , only short flashing light can you help me?
    i need passwort for update!?
    best regards

  • khaled

    i have install face watch form my android device ,after i chose it, black screen comes like booting up without any thing
    please give me the solution and send me the password, thank you

  • Golzoc

    Hi, after a firmware update IWO 1:1 watch lost touch sensitivity, any ideas, solution how to sort it out? or is it possible to fix it at all?
    Thanks in advance, all help is appreciated.

  • Pieter

    Would like to know when new firmware is released for IWO-1 Watch, including the UV-app.

    Thank you

  • yonoch

    hi .. my watch heart rate monitor not working.. and there is no green led on my watch back … can you tell me why ?? i thing if i update it wiil be fix it .. can you tell update pasword.. thx you mate..

  • Kevin

    I purchased the watch but korean language is not applicable.
    can i korean language firmware update?
    if so. please advise me.

    Thank you so much

  • Daniel Francey

    After night charging my watch ask me for : password
    And I never ever put any password
    So how can I reset the watch
    Or how can I find the password
    Please help me


  • Daniel Francey

    How can I download the program to fix my watch problem
    Please let me know
    Because my watch
    All the time ask me for password
    But I never ever put any password
    How can I solve this problem ?


    When I connect my iPhone too watch, I lose camera function on the watch, why is this? Also can not reply to text msg on Watch either


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  • daniele consorti

    hello support
    my watch works not , it reboot but no watchface , only short flashing light can you help me?
    best regards

  • Mal Munro

    Hi Support, slighty better translation for you 🙂

    For the clients who bought the 1st generation Smart Watch from Shiningintl, we have been asked frequently about the firmware update.
    At this stage, to add new features to the watch would possibly corrupt the existing stable software and only if the watch has problems, would we recommend a firmware upgrade. This would then tell us if the problem was a software or hardware issue. If it is a hardware issue, it will have to be returned to us for repair.

    The new version firmware includes 3 languages:English, Simple Chinese,Traditional Chinese, and is primarily for Asian customers.

    Disclaimer : We strongly recommend that you don’t update the firmware if there is nothing wrong with your Shiningintl Smart Watch as it usually needs a qualified technician to do so.

    Before updating the firmware on your Smart Watch, please send us your purchase order number and the description of the
    problem to: If necessary, the technical support will give you the password to the firmware package.

    The purchase order should be from either the Shingingintl Official Online Store or Shingingintl on Aliexpress or Shingingintl on Ebay.

  • Tobias

    Hello Dear

    I have my iwo watch first generation with the version w300GG_02C_WATCH_INT_UV_2_16021 and i am wondering why i have no UV monitor app installed. Can you tell me why?

    Thank you!

    Regards Tobias

    • admin Post author

      hi Tobias,
      Because the UV monitor is not accurate enough, so we remove this function , thanks.

  • Aeugo

    Aliexpress Order ID: 30174733612209

    Can I get the latest firmware for the IWO 2 product?

    I could not use the product I bought because Korean was not supported.
    but, I noticed that the firmware(Version A: English, Japanese, Korean) support Korean.
    So, I want to get the latest firmware.

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