Shiningintl MTK 2502c 1st Gen smart watch international firmware update(international version)-June 13

shiningintl 1st generation smart watch(MTK2502C ) firmware update

shiningintl IWO 1st generation firmware update for International user

For the clients who bought the 1st generation Smart Watch from Shiningintl, we have been asked frequently about the firmware update.
At this stage, to add new features to the watch would possibly corrupt the existing stable software and only if the watch has problems, would we recommend a firmware upgrade. This would then tell us if the problem was a software or hardware issue. If it is a hardware issue, it will have to be returned to us for repair.

The new version firmware includes 3 languages:English, Simple Chinese,Traditional Chinese, and is primarily for Asian customers.

Disclaimer : We strongly recommend that you don’t update the firmware if there is nothing wrong with your Shiningintl Smart Watch as it usually needs a qualified technician to do so.

Before updating the firmware on your Smart Watch, please send us your purchase order number and the description of the
problem to: If necessary, the technical support will give you the password to the firmware package.

The purchase order should be from either the Shiningintl official online store, Shiningintl on Aliexpress, Shiningintl on Ebay.

13 thoughts on “Shiningintl MTK 2502c 1st Gen smart watch international firmware update(international version)-June

  • Maximilian Falter

    Dear shiningintl team. I bought the first generation smart watch mtk2502c and was very happy. It shipped fast (23 days) and it’s good quality. But now one month later it don’t charge anymore. Please help because I would love to have a working smart watch again. (Ps.: if it matters… I live in Germany)

    Thank You.

    • admin Post author

      dear Decred,
      at first you need to make sure you update the correct version of software, because different version has different TP driver, if that wrong, it won’t work. thanks.

      • Decred

        I tried this firmware Shiningintl MTK 2502c 1st Gen smart watch international firmware update(international version)-June

      • Constsntine

        Hello, I have tried so many versions of firmware, but the sensor did not respond. Can something else advise?

  • Vladimir

    Dear friends!
    my small son has inputted pin (access) code into smart watch. Pin was forgotten. Now unable to access smart watch.
    Big problem. What can I do? What do you suggest?
    Many thanks in advance

  • Kevin

    I purchased the watch but korean language is not applicable.
    can i korean language firmware update?
    if so. please advise me.

    Thank you so much

  • Makrand

    i just bought the watch and would like a link to the update with the password.
    Could u please send me the same.

  • Steve

    Hello i have a mtk2502c 2nd gén si ce yesterday and i have a big problem i try to put a application in my watch the name is “the black clock ” and now i have nothing on my screen. The screen is black i can’t make nothing. Could you Help me please Thank you

  • david

    hi can you please send me original software for my iwo 1 smartwatch. because i added new watch face to my watch and now its dark on it and not work at all. i buy it on aliexpress.

  • Cody Dirkson

    My iwo 1 is bricked i was told by you to do reflash the firmware but was wondering how to reflash the firmware I’ve never done it before but really want to fix my watch

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