IWO smart watch Q&A 165

1. Q: install WATCH app but my iPhone 6 says that it can’t open because it’s developed by an unauthorized developer?

A:go to the setting–>general—>profiles  ,and tick the file ” watch”  for trust

2.Q: is it compatible with the Iphone?

A: Yes, it is compatible with Ios 7 above..

3.Q: It runs the apple software?

A: Yes, you can install a software to your iphone, take a look at our tech support website,thanks.

4.Q:  Which one of your watches has the apple software and the apple logos

A: No, it doesn’t have any apple information ,we won’t copy others IP.

5.Q:Does the satellite navigation work on the watch?

A: No, the screen is too small for navigation.

6.Q:are all the functions of this watch compatible with Apple iPhone 6 and software iOS 9.1? Because that is what I have.

A:it is only a smart phone accessory, not instead of smart phone, so it don’t have all the function of iphone, but most of the iphone notification and function can be control on the watch.

7.Q: I have one of this watch, but don’t work correctly becouse bluetooth doesn’t switch on and the watch goes in safe mode. Why??

A:please go our website https://www.shiningintl.com/support ,and looking for “the user guidance video for IWO smart watch” topic.

8.Q:is  this watch strap suitable for apples’s watch?

A:Apple watch band size is not suitable for my watch.
Because apple watch case size is 38mm & 42mm.
My watch case size is 45mm.

9.Q: I want to ask can you talk through the watch while your phone is in your pocket?

A: yes, you can , it use bluetoothe wireless to connect with your phone.

10.Q:  Is there a camera?

A: no camera hardware inside this watch, it can control the camera on the paired smart phone.

11.Q:Would you have some video of the watch (to see how it works)?

A: yes, go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmmz28l3y5fHJXRjycJiUnw or seach “shiningintl” in youtube.

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