the firmware packs for Shiningintl IWO smart watch 57

the packages for that geeks like to DIY or encounter software problems .

please bear in mind that keep contact the customer support before reflashing the firmware

but please bear in mind that because these files included drivers for computer internal, the web or computer anti-virus software will prompt “virus infected files”, just need to ignore that prompt and go ahead to download, it is healthy. we have update the firmware :Asia user(China and english),  international(English and other country language)

the usb driver, Flash tool,  Software bin file can be download in below  link:


57 thoughts on “the firmware packs for Shiningintl IWO smart watch

    • admin Post author

      Dear Jang,
      thoese files are to large to send, please download them as our guidance, thanks.

  • Melvin Beijers

    I cannot download de usb drive file. Could you send it to my mail adres (i am a iwo watch user)


    我是买了一个 Mo watch的韩国人。
    所以寻找language firmware,终于不能找到。


  • sung jin-ho

    hi i’m iwo watch user..i need to usb driver (win8) e-mail send plz
    i’m iphone user…
    i need to korean language & firmware, manual, can use to iphone 6s.

  • Kangwon

    I’d love to help with the korean translation just contact me and i’ll translate english words into korean words just please update the software with korean support

  • James

    I used a code *#2015*# and it changed my settings and I want my original settings (one with the red rose flower). How do I do this? I’ve tried to reset.

  • Oliver


    Could you update the new firmware package? The one that is in the dropbox is the one from October.


  • Zsolt

    Which is the newest software?
    Where can i download it?
    Is Hungarian language included now?
    Thank you!

  • paolo

    is there a link to download a firmware update, and is it possible to change watch faces?

  • rahul

    hi sir, my father brought this watch from bangkok just 2days back but my younger brother just did the format to this in the settings n i lost the logo of apple and menu style can u please help me out

  • Julian

    How to dl/find the file TOGE02C_WATCH_11C_BB.cfg/ icant find this rar from the dropbox. please do help me. thank you

  • Bastian

    I started the download, but nothing happen wat did i do wrong? i did everithing from de word document please HELP ME

  • Matheus Tavares

    hello, the files are to big to send, can explain what to do for me me I NEED HELP PLS!!!!!!!!!

  • hkgbenlo


  • Gee

    Does this firmware have Korean Language support?
    Could you please tell me where I can get the latest firmware?


  • Rob Carl

    Please help, how can be fixed; my iwo 1:1 smartwatch is having some isues conecting via bluetooth to samsung galaxy s6 edge, conection wont start sometimes or sometimes will go on and off the entire day, some days its just perfectly fine.
    How can i fix this please.
    Thank you

    • admin Post author

      dear Rob,
      do you have another smart phone for test? it seems a bluetooth connection problem, please confirm your smartphone bluetooth function is correct, thanks.

  • Oscar

    ¿Como me puedo descargar la ultima actualizacion para el Iwo 1:1?

    ¿Cual es la ultima actualizacion?

  • Charles Acevedo

    I am very happy to read this. This is the type of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.

  • Din

    Hi i can’t find the usb driver. My problem is that the battery is empty after 4 hour. I think because the green lamp stay always on. Reset in factory is not helping. Iwo 1.

  • Farooque

    Hello, I recently bought iwo 2nd gen smart watch but temprature app is missing, I tried using mediatek but temprature app is not there in it. Can you help me get temprature app. The firmware on the watch is latest July 2016.

  • juan

    The second generation iwo I stayed the screen that turns on and off and a lot of people have happened the same as me by mistake. Are going to release the cable to be able to update the second generation iwo and provide the firmware? We are many people who have the clock unusable and we would like some sensitivity on their part and we would like to buy that cable and provide us the firmware and that has to be possible since you somehow put it to the clock when they manufacture it. On behalf of all the people I ask a little sensitivity and remove the cable for sale and provide us with the firmware to be able to arrange this fantastic watch.
    Please be so kind to give me an answer and do not leave us in oblivion

  • Max

    Olá boa tarde, sou do Brasil eu fiz uma compra de um iwo4 em um site chinês e ao chegar aqui em casa o produto ele funcionou por apenas um dia, e no outro dia ele já não funcionava mais, Ele apenas fica piscando a tela, gostaria de saber como é feito o passo a passo para formatação de firmware, Agradeço pela atenção obrigado.

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