the shiningintl technical support files and documents

wmswatch wifi gps mp3

FAQ for wmswatch gps wifi mp3 sport smart watch

The wmswatch is the most powerful smart watch now, it has built up the GPS, wifi ,MP3 music, wireless charger, bluetooth earphones, heart rate monitor, steps count into small watch, but as it is so advanced in new technology, the users may have questions on how to operate the wmswatch, […]

wmswatch wifi gps sport smart watch

how to choose shiningintl wmswatch ,IWO 13 and other IWO smart watch

before the buyers order the smart watch, they needs to consider what purpose they want the smart watch to do. here we put the differences between these smart watches, from the outlook , functions and what it can bring to the users. it is important to know exactly the difference […]

SmoPods smart glasses color change responding as time

SmoPods AI smart glasses Gen 1 operation instruction

The latest SmoPods AI smart glasses have combined the latest technology on Solar energy , light sensor detector, LCD glasses displaying and micro electronics chip. it brings a smart way to fast responding the strong sun light  in all kind of conditions, then makes the users a safter , more […]

SmoPods Gen 1 TWS earbuds Operation instruction

SmoPods Gen1 TWS earbuds A1-C  Operating guide The SmoPods Gen 1 TWS earbuds is a bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds with fashion function as AirPods, but much cheap price than the original earbuds, this wireless earbuds is  portable, it make entertainment everywhere without limited  and store previous connection in memory ,auto power on when […]

firmware update for the GPS smart bracelet S908

For some reason you smart bracelet will have problems in operation, it always show error message on the screen, if that happen, you may fix that problem by reflash the firmware, as the bluetooth function support direct firmware update by bluetooth, it is really easy to do it , it […]

shiningintl RK3288 motherboard

the RK3288 ARM motherboard for multi-purpose now launching

Shiningintl is a company provide smart electronics products and solutions, now we have launched our latest RK3288 Rockchip ARM quad core motherboard, it can be used in multi-purpose, such as digital signage, consumer and industrial tablet, video surveillance, eduction, it has the most competitive price and the best quality, and lots of hardware interface such as USB, HDMI, LVDS, UART,I2C, I2S, Mic, SPDIF, SPI, infrared remote control. here is the product overview: