Shiningintl Alexa-enabled Audio Device Solutions

Shiningintl has a total solution to Amazon Alexa service, we have developed the ASK(Alexa skill kit) to extend the gadgets such as smart wear, smart home and car-loaded devices, we also have the Alexa voice service access solution to enable voice service through AVS architecture.

There are two main product range we can offer:

  1. integrate AVS to audio device: there are wifi speakers, Bluetooth speakers and headset category devices
  2. the smart gadgets solution work with Alexa, through Alexa, these gadgets can respond your voice command ,such as socket, plug, fan ,light bulb…

    Shiningintl Alexa-enabled solutions

    shiningintl Alex-enabled devices solution


For the first part, we call it the shiningintl Alexa audio solution, it includes:

a.Smart Alexa-enable wifi speaker

      the speaker can connect to Alexa service with Wifi connection, it has far field and near field two methods, the far field has the capability to be waked up by key word “Alexa”, the near field speaker needs to push the button to wake up, after wake up , the speaker starts to get voice input from the Micphone and sends the voice data to Alexa architecture, and return the feedback through the speaker

b.Smart Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker

      It is similar to smart Alexa-enabled wifi speaker, but it don’t directly connect to alexa service by wifi, it need a smart phone or tablet to relay the data to Alexa network, there is an APP is installed on the smart phone or tablet , this make the Alexa service without wifi, you can bring your alexa-enabled speaker anywhere you want accompany with your smart phone.

c.Smart Alexa-enabled headsets and earphone

the smart alexa-enabled make the Alexa service flexible go anywhere, the wearable alexa-enabled headset make the Alexa becomes your really personal voice assistant, bring amazing convenience in your living all the time, just install an app on your mobile phone, stay productive and safe by accessing your favorite voice assistants Amazon Alexa , A simple command can deliver your favorite music and entertainment like Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Audible and more