Shiningintl Bluetooth Alexa speaker operation manual

Shiningintl Bluetooth Alexa speaker operation manual

(Bluetooth only version)


  1. Overview

Shiningintl bluetooth alexa enabled speaker is a speaker combined normal bluetooth speaker function and alexa voice enabled has all functions a bluetooth speaker can do , and except that, it has the Amazon Alexa voice service integrated.

This bluetooth alexa speaker works different with the wifi alexa speaker, its Alexa function relies on the smart phone or tablet, it can’t connect to internet because it hasn’t a wifi module inside. It connects to the smart phone or tablet, the smart phone or tablet then relay the commands go through the AVS server, and the speaker will respond all the music  play or commands interaction from the AVS server.

shiningintl bluetooth alexa smart speaker



Normally, the speaker has 4 buttons: power button, volume up, volume down, Alexa on

Power button: press and hold to power the speaker on or off,

Volume up: press to adjust volume up

Volume down: press to adjust volume down

Alexa on button: press to activate amazon Alexa and waiting user to speak command. For a far field alexa speaker, the user just need to say “alexa” command to activate the speaker, and it is not necessary to press the button. But most of our products have this button on body.

  1. App Download

For the shiningintl Bluetooth only alexa smart speaker, the users need to install an application on its smart phone(support iPhone and android).The “c smart” app lets you play music and audio from streaming services like spotify, iHeartRadio and others(the “csmart” application only intergrates the Tune in music app, others services like spotify, iHeartRadio need to install its official application separately). Download the app for your device by searching for the “csmart” in the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Note that this app is designed for mobile devices only, such as smartphones or tablets. It is not available for use on regular desktop or laptop computers.


  1. Initial bluetooth Setup

the Shiningintl bluetooth alexa smart speaker works as a normal Bluetooth speaker, you need to pair the Shiningintl Bluetooth smart speaker to your smart phone at first, and then start the “csmart” application. The app will guide you through the process, just follow the on-screen instructions and it will guide you to log in the Amazon alexa service, then the alexa function will be available.

  • Pair with smart phone

Go to “setting”—“bluetooth” , find out the speaker in the available Bluetooth list, and then click the speaker, then start to pair with the speaker.

shiningintl bluetooth Amazon alexa smart speaker SA-B107

  • Open the “csmart” application

open application for smart spaker

  • Click the “setting” icon on the top left corner , go to the application setting page for more operation.

It will show the Bluetooth connection status with the speaker.

setting for Amazon alexa smart speaker

  • Click the “Sign in to Amazon” button to log in the Amazon Alexa with account and password you have

log in to Amazon alexa function

  • Log in the Amazon alexa service

Notes: the different models of Shiningintl may have different appearance name, that may change according to the models and customers need. Some OEM customers may have a customized application instead of the neutral “csmart” application