shiningintl amazon alexa voice service enable earphone

the 2018 best bluetooth headests review

As the I7S tws earbuds become popular in the world following the Apple airpods, this true wireless stereo earbuds i7s has turned the bluetooth earbuds into real wireless earphone, and it is hot in all over the world, but many of the buyers and resellers are disturbed by the quality […]

qi wireless bluetooth earbuds SH-EA4

Shiningintl launch the most creative bluetooth earbuds

the Shiningintl SH-EA4 is a qi wireless charging earbuds, it provides more powerful functions thran Apple Airpods, so you can call is an Apple airpods replacement , this apple airpods alternative has a 500mah batter inside, support wireless charging and USB cable charging. it is cheap apple earphones that call “cheap airpods”

Shiningintl bluetooth solution on smart home and lighting

shiningintl bluetooth mesh smart lighting solution analysis

shiningintl Bluetooth mesh smart lighting solution features:
Quick self set up, join the network when it is powered on, no routing can road caculating need;
Can be acceed by smart phone or controller directly, the gateway is not necessary;
High Security, data is encrypt with LES, Net name + passord security;
Long distance,broadcasting communcation,it can be controled if in the broadcasting coverage;
Collision detection to avoid network message flooding;
Effective node status update;
Multiple device control,group control support.