the way to operate the IWO 2/2A(IWO3) data cable and Q&A 1

For the IWO 2/2A(IWO3 by some resellers) firmware download cable, there is some important points to declaim in operation:
1.there are total 6 points in the interface, but only 4 pins in the data cable, how can I connect the cable to the watch interface?

A:there are total 6 connect points in the shiningintl IWO 2/2A smart watch, but only the middle 4 points are used to connect the pins of cable, please carefully note that: there are unique direction of the pins to connect, you can’t reverse the pins of the connection, please refer the correct direction show in below

shiningintl IWO smart watch interface

the interface 

the connection of shiningintl IWO 2/2A data cable model 1

the direction of IWO 2 cable connection

the direction of IWO 2/2A model 2 cable connection


2.where to find the firmware download tool?

A: the download tool is included the package of firmware, please refer to “how to find the firmware” to find the firmware ?

A: the firmware is available on, for the buyers directly buy from us, it is free, please contact the custermer service ; for clients from the reseller, please contact the reseller for help , or download from after a payment

4.why the system prompt download error during the firmware download?

A:because the cable is not stable enough during the updating, when then connection is not good enough, it will broke the downloading when connection broken, so please keep the connection well in the download precessing.

5.when the download error happend, it will cause “unknow device” dialog when connect the cable again.

A: it must connect the data cable to the interface carefully, it will cause error when the connection is not stable during the updating, when this happend, it may cause “unknow device” when connecting again, it is because the inner loader is broaken by the previous operation, you need to long press the power button for more than 20 seconds, it will clear the error and recover for a download again.

6.this can be done easily?

A:this depends on how you are good at handle electronics device, we don’t suggest the common user to do this kind of update, we only suggest those who are good at DIY or  IWO smart watch with problem to do so, we don’t provide technical support for this kind of operation. and stop after sales service when make change to the watch.

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  • Constantinos

    Dear admin,
    My IWO 2 is bootlooping since I installed some new watchfaces. I need a data cable and the latest firmware to flash it with. Please send me the link so I can buy the correct update package.
    Thank you

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