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Today ,we will guide you to have a tour about how a fashion smart watch is manufactured, the MT2502 smart watch is very hot in the online marcket, such as Ebay,Aliexpress and our online offical store .the whole process is very complicated, but today we will show how the product procedure of the smart watch:

product procedures:

1 step:MTK2502 smart wath case prepare

the base of smart watch, it is the begining of like to building a house, the base is what we need to do at the first step,the IWO watch is also the same.

MTK2502 smart watch manufacturer

2 step:MTK2502 smart wath components test

in order to make sure the IWO smart watch function work correctly, we need to test the component qualitify before the installation, for example the touch panel , the battery, and others,

MTK2502 smart watch manufacturer

3step:MTK2502 smart wath PCB installation

at this time ,the PCBA should be intergrated ,because all the circuits are based on this PCB, as a very mini MTK2502 smart watch, you can’t find more lines inside ,most of them are replaced by the on board PCB circuit.

MTK2502 smart watch manufacturer

4step:battery intallation

the forth step is to install the battery, that provide the power to make the mini electronics work,it is very import step

MTK2502 smart watch manufacturer

5step:touch panel glue taping

touch panel coming right now, as the touch panel has replaced the keyboard in modern electronics, especially the mini smart watch don’t have enough space to install keyboard, the touch panel is the most popular input method to smart watch ,like swapping,clicking,flipping, most of the touch panel are integrated with glue, this step make the glue on the case.

MTK2502 smart watch manufacturer

6step:smart watch touch panel connection

now we can install the touch panel, after the glue is on and wait for some moment, connect the FPC to the PCB and then connect the touch panel on to the case

MTK2502 smart watch manufacturer

7step:glue stronging

in order to make the touch panel connection tight enough with the case, we need to wait for the glue effection

MTK2502 smart watch manufacturer

8step:smart watch surface cleaning

at this time, all circuit and inner components are fixed, the watch is an integrated product now, just clean the surface of the smart watch

MTK2502 smart watch manufacturer

9step:quality checking

quality checking to make all function work normally

MTK2502 smart watch manufacturer

10step:reparing if test failed

if any mistake there, it need to be repaired alone

MTK2502 smart watch manufacturer

11step:smart watch accessories installation

accessory installation, such as the smart watch band installation, smart watch charger including, it is a perfect IWO smart watch now

MTK2502 smart watch manufacturer


it  finally come out that what the user can see

MTK2502 smart watch manufacturer


As the techonology developing , more and more popular function coming on smart watch, Shiningintl as the leading R&D company and manufacturer, we provide more and more popular products to all over the world, please buy on our official online store:shiningsmart smart store.




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  • Lars

    Dear Sir,
    i have a big problem with my 2nd Generation smart watch. i have change the watch face , after that the watch restarts all the time.
    can you send me the firmware to restore my 2nd Generation smart watch and the port configuration so i can build a usb/flash cable?

    thanks for your help

  • Javier Huerta Velez

    Hello, I am interested in your new product IWO 3, I saw on your Web Site everything related to the differences between this version and 2 and 2A and I think the 3rd generation is the best version that you offer, I just want to know a few details More, 1. I only have the option to pay for PayPal, right? 2. The shipping they make is express or not? 3. If the latter is affirmative, by what company do they do for the case of Mexico? I will be grateful for all the information you provide. . . Best regards !!!

    • admin Post author

      Dear friend, for our only flashstore, you can only use the paypal for payment, it depends on the location of the buyer, we will chech the best shipment way for the buyer, thanks.

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