shiningintl will launch the first VR accessory for iPhone 7

iPhone 7 VR

We’ve been viewed more and more immersive video this year. foldable VR are the best option,Viewers can put their heads into a full 360 degrees device like the Oculus Rift,Samsung Galaxy Gear VR or Google Cardboard – or using overlaid controls such as those offered on Facebook or YouTube’s immersive videos, but those are enough? Of course not, portatble VR is not a indeed portable on now, the users need more and more virtual reality videos in their life, the users need the easy ways to create videos at working,living and sports, those video only created by professional organizations can’t meet the requirement.Shiningintl is developing new generation accessories for portable,multi-purpose VR content creating, and it will first launch after the iPhone 7 release, be the first accessories for the iPhone 7, it is a good news for Apple’s fans. iphone 7 VR will be an additional supprise that you never think about. Make your own 3d video with iPhone is an unstop topic ,it will be more popular after the iPhone 7 release.

Any user had an Android phone can make pictures and videos. TheGoogle Cardboard Camera app lets you snap your own virtual reality photos for viewing in Google Cardboard. But it is too ugly and not easy to carry with you, who will carry this simple purpose cardboard? For Apple fans, there are less option than Android user to create your own 3d video for VR .The project developed by Shiningintl is the smallest VR box ever,Anyone who’s taken a panoramic shot using their smartphone already knows how to use this app: You hold your phone in a vertical position, tap the camera button, and move in a circle. The only difference is that, unlike regular panoramic pictures, you make a full 360-degree turn. A snippet of sound also gets recorded as you’re capturing the photo. So what is the problem? The probeml is that you need a portable and beautiful 3D VR video capture device , also a device to view those videos you create like cardboard.

So are there any devices can make VR video? Yes, of course there, the Ball-shaped Samsung Gear 360 makes it to record your own VR videos. But that is too expensive for most of the people and you have to carry additional camera with yourself. That is really what you want to do? As a geek ,you may do that, but most of the guys won’t do that kind of things. Freeing of our hands is important.

iPhone 7 VR video create

There is an indeed requirement to have an easy-to-carry equipment for both creating and viewing VR video. The devices Mixed reality videos, demonstrating the power of virtual reality without a headset, are all the rage it seems. the racing enthusiast behind a century, Shiningintl will be the enthusiast to help the people to realize that dream that only one carrying set to create and view your own VR video. Don’t need additonal products like Gear VR and Gear 360,you also don’t need to install any additional software in your iPhone or android phone, it is useful multi-purpose accessory to make your VR realize. Shiningintl’s new product will solve those painful issues for apple user, the first release will be accessory for iPone 7, and then release sets for iphone 6s and iphone 6s description, this accessories will be multi-function for iPhone 7.

cardboard style for iPhone
recently, the New York Times has created lots of VR content, including a film which sees actors including Melissa McCarthy, Michael Fassbender, Kristen Wiig, Benicio del Toro and Charlize Theron ,that is good for the VR content creating and developing, but only all the users can join the campaign to create own content,this VR industry can go on an express lane for fast growing. The iPhone 7 is on the way now, when you get the new smart phone, the VR for iPhone7 from shiningintl will be the option you should try. For more information, user can go to the website for whole sales, retail booking on will be ready after iPhone 7 release.