Healthcare-the purpose of next generation smart watch 2

what direction will the smart watch  go?

 healthcare function improve in apple watch 2

Apple released the world’s most popular second-generation smart watch on September 7, 2016 in San Francisco:Apple Watch Series 2. It is said that the Apple Watch Series 2 loaded with excellent fitness and healthcare functions, including for 50 meters under water resistance ; built-in GPS, it allows users to run exercise without iPhone in hand. It is also equipped with significantly improved brightness of the display, and powerful dual-core processor. With the optimized watchOS 3, Apple Watch Series 2 can access third-party app, receive and respond to notifications more easily, as easy as to use Apple Pay function. Apple Watch Series 2 will sell on September 16 in more than 25 countries.

Let’s take a look what the apple watch serial 2 can bring to us:

Apple watch Fitness and healthcare:

Apple Watch Series 2 is waterproof to 50 meters, suitable for swimming, surfing, or splashing around in the pool. Apple conducted hundreds of hours of research to develop a variety of new algorithms, introduces two new options for physical training (swimming pool and open water) for swimmers. Apple Watch Series 2 can calculate the average pace number of round-trip, and can automatically detect strokes to accurately measure calories burned during exercise.
With a built-in GPS, Apple Watch Series 2 can accurately record your progress walking, distance, pace ,running or biking and other outdoor exercise without having to carry the iPhone. It can use Wi-Fi, GPS and satellite data stored locally, you can quickly identify the location of standing, so users can immediately begin outdoor exercise. Upon completion of an outdoor sport, you can view the displaying speed changes when the movement going by fitness record. Whether jogging, swimming or walking up between meetings, Apple Watch Series 2 Fitness app will record all on the day’s activities to help you complete the stand, activity and exercise .
The hardware of apple watch series 2 is improved by the computing capability, but the functions are not as good as deserved. For example, we need longer lasting battery capability, more accurate heart rate measuring data, more other health data such as blood pressure.As the smart watch is not a medical device right now, no hospital approve this kind of smart watches in real medical diagnostic , we all hope that apple watch series 2 can make progress in this area, but unfortunately the apple watch doesn’t give us any surprise on medical treatment.

Shiningintl H3 healthcare smart watch

shiningintl concept smart watch with blood pressure testing

As the concept of smart watch combining medical function make us exciting , but the concept won’t come true till we can make the stable devices.
Chip provider MTK has announced the MT2511 concern since the beginning of this year, but in the past six months it keep silent, the industry can not hear a tiny bit of valuable information about the MT2511 mass product. people in the industry guess MTK certainly encounter a problem in the development. Yes, The problem that is simple, but doing it is very complicated: Since it is a medical grade product, you must have a medical-grade accuracy and stable enough. The happy news that shiningintl will bring you is that the problems in MT2511 are solved, and the final MP testing in on going in Chinese famous hospital, and it will be released soon after finishing the test.
Shiningintl’s engineers are working close with the medical experts in China’s famous hospital and other partners ,let’s take a look at what will launch to market with medical level blood pressure smart watch, it concludes the functions such as accurate heart rate, blood pressure,sleeping monitor and Bluetooth connection, it is great useful for personal healthcare and big progress in smart watch.

shiningintl H3 smart watch will launched soon
There are some trends for smart watch:
1. function expandable: the system of smart watch is very important, it decide whether the functions can be expanded, the users need more and more function improvement, for example the clock face DIY, sports data analysis and application, more applications available for download and update.
2. hearthcare function: it is necessary to improve the data analysis capability with the personal healthcare ,for example, take the heart rate monitor data integrated with disease prevention, provide disease alarm or habit warning.

medical testing is the newest improvement of shiningintl H3 smart watch
3. fashion factors: After all, the wearable device is a personal fashion symbol. If this connection can not be compared with the traditional watches, the public sports and fitness is a good starting point for smart watch. Enhance motor function, such as swimming waterproof, heart rate and other more specialized function, it is undoubted that those are fashion in your people and users caring health.

shiningintl H3 on blood press testing

the Shingintl H3 bood pressure healthcare smart watch will launch at the end of  Oct,2016, please wait for our more information update.

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