The secret you may not know about 2nd IWO smart watch 74

the shiningintl 2nd IWO smart watch is lots different with the 1st generation, do you really know how to operate it ?it is hot selling on official store or aliexpress store,  here is some tips to for better understand this fashion smart watch like apple

1. What should I do after I got the watch?

you should go to the appstore to find the MediaTEK smart device app, and install that app before you can correctly run your watch, otherwise you will find issues such Bluetooth connect error or messenger sync error.
2. what the wireless charger light indicate?

the wireless charger green light will slowly blink when in charging, if the connection to the watch is not correct, it will fast blink, in normal charging,it will slowly blink until it is full charged, and then the green light will always be green.

here is also video about it ,please refer to youtube 2nd gen charging video
3. How can I know the battery percentage left?

when your smart watch connected to the smart phone with Bluetooth, when the battery percentage change, the watch will send feedback the percentage to the smart phone, you can view that message on smart phone notifications area. Or you can view that in the watch notifications. But some times the feedback is not so correct,
4. How to switch clock face?

in the clock face screen, long press the screen will appear the clock face selection screen, slide left or right to select your favorite clock face, and then confirm, that is really easy
5. What those icons on the digital face mean?

shiningintl 2nd generation smart watch icons
A.the headset mode icon: this icon like a headset, it mean the smart watch like a headset of your smart phone, all sound of your phone will stream to the watch speaker, such as calling ,music and notification sound
B.Bluetooth icon: this icon means whether the smart watch has connect to smart phone with Bluetooth, it is colorful when connected, black and white when not paired.
C. messenger Icon: it mean there is new unread messenger in your phone, if you go the message , this icon will disappear automatically
D.notification icon: the notification icon mean unread notification exist, if view notifications ,that icon will disappear automatically.
6. Where can I find the notifications again?

go to the menu screenshiningintl 2nd gen smart watch notification
7. Can I install other apps by myself?

after you install the MediaTEK smart device, there you can find that there is “my applications”

install app to smart watchinstall apps to smart watch
8. How to take the heart rate checking?
A. the watch close your skin tightly,you just feel comfortable for the touch
B. keep still while in test progress
C. take multiple tests and access the correct range.

9. how can I change the match to the watch? can it support what kind of bands?


this smart watch is 42mm watch like apple watch, it is  compatible to all straps and bands for apple watch 42mm , you can select your favorite bands in shiningsmart accessories  or find a whole design selling with gorgous bands

10. Why the notification show the battery is 100%,should I disrupt the charging right now?

No, the battery has physical attribution of power storage, even it is full from the notification, it doesn’t mean it is full really, you should charge to the green light to long lighting without blinking.
11. How to stop the ring tone of the phone?

If you don’t want to use the ring tone notification from phone, instead of it with the watch ring tone, then go to settingsoundringtone, it prompts that “disconnect BT music?” click “yes” to confirm, it will stop smart phone ringtone, you can select ringtone1 to ringtone 3

how to set smart watch ringtone

12.we found that the back light of the screen is not the same, some place on the screen is a little brighter than other place , is it normal?


yes, it is normal in screen.As the the watch screen is small, we can install more back light LED behind the screen,and the LED back light is normally close to the screen, the location of LED will a litter brighter than other place, it is obvious in the glass system, just take a example, if you take a light behind a window glass, you will find that some place is brighter than other place,  it is the same theory to the watch screen, so in theory the LED location behind the screen is more or less different to other place, it is normal.

IWO 2 back light

74 thoughts on “The secret you may not know about 2nd IWO smart watch

  • Eric Vanderp

    I think i have this watch ordered from aliexpress.
    I installed the mediatek app on my iPhone, but it is a bit different, because the application tab is not available.
    The watch is working but i like some other stuff to work.

    On mij watch the following information is available:

    Version W51_B_V1_160629
    Release time 2016/06/29 17:33
    Is this the last version or is there another firmware available?

    I really like to have the dutch language.
    I also want to install different watch faces?

    Please can you help me?
    With kind regards,


    • admin Post author

      dear Eric, the 2nd generation is not available to upgrade firmware now, because the interface is not same as the 1st generation, it need special equipment to install.thanks.

      • Jerome

        if we need some special equipment to install then is there any plan to make that special tool to upgrade? many user’s are waiting for new FW update

      • Foti

        Hello Support Team,

        i have the Firmware Version
        W51 B V1 160606

        In the MTK Device App is no Step/Sleep and Heartrate included.
        Fundowear is very Buggy and crashed all the Time.

        Why we can make a Firmwar Update via MTK Device APP?

        • Foti

          What is about the cable for Flashing via hidden Port in the Strap?
          The Watch is bricked, only the Screen Flashes, no way for a Hard Reset?

      • Homero Alfaro

        Hola quisiera por favor que me ayuden ya que tengo un iwo 1:1 …y le cargue un esfera a mi reloj …..ahora lamentablemente no enciende ..que puedo hacer …solo esta la pantalla que parpadea yl la luz verde del lector cardíaco también hace lo mismo ….por favor ayudenme no se que hacer ….hay alguna forma de recuperarlo a su estado normal

          • David T

            i left exhausto my battery and when i gonna charge it again, green ligh flash slow, but after 30 seconds it star flashing so fast? what is the meaning for it? is there a damage on batey or how can i charge it again?

          • admin Post author

            hi David,
            the wireless charging system is damaged, you need to repair the battery, thanks.

  • Raffaele C

    Hello dear support team,

    I have this beautiful smartwatch 2nd IWO but it no longer works.
    I have installed app the weather which has but does not work on the watch.
    Then I uninstalled the app then has the watch is off and no longer goes On.
    If I would like to turn the watch flashes only.
    It shows no function more what I can do for the watch to work again? Please can you help me for the watch to work again?

    • admin Post author

      hi Raffaele, try to long press the power button for a try, if that doesn’t help ,it may be damaged by firmware.

      • Homero Alfaro

        Hola mi iwo tiene este firmrware W300GG_02C_WATCH_INT_UV_02_151121
        Se puede cambiar las faces ….y o cargar mas app vxp…donde consigo hacerlo ..además la aplicación de yahooweather dejo de responder …me ayudan …Gracias ….

    • john

      Hi Raffaele,

      Did you find an answer to this problem? My son had the watch for less than one day and his watch is doing the same thing…



  • Martin

    I’m still waiting for your answers please…
    how to reset 2nd generation watch , if it not works?

  • Stefan Visser

    Thank you very much for these beautiful watch. Can you please send me a user manual so I can really understand all the functions?

  • Farooque

    How to get temprature app? It’s missing in latest firmware July 2016. Same is also not available in mediatek.

    • admin Post author

      dear Farooque,
      the temperature function is not accurate enough, so we cancle this function in later version, thanks.

  • Jaime

    Following the instructions, I installed with MediaTek app several VXP, but the clock has been hung some,
    Please, I could tell how to make a hard reset or reset

    Thank you very much !!!!

  • braulio sandoval

    Hi, my phone It has installed app mediateck, most applications do not app as shown in the picture
    what should I do, thanks

  • Remco

    Hi i love the watch but almost everytime my sound is redirected to the watch.
    is there a option to only allow sounds to go the watch when i want to.
    when my phone rings i first need to change the audio back to my iphone before answering the call.


  • Diego

    hi, I bought your smartwatch but I can not make it work with gesture, specifically I can not mute calls on my smartphone, on the smartwatch menu, is written , flip to mute incoming calls, i’ve tried but not working …

  • Alexis Artus

    I own the IWO Watch 2 for 1 month and it is now no longer charging, making it unusable. Symptom is : When I put the watch on the charger, the green led begin to slowly fade bling as normal. But after 1 minute, the green led start flashing rapidly as saying that it is not correctly charging. The watch no longer start as the battery is then out of power :-(.
    Any help from you would be welcome.

  • Andrea

    good morning I Iwo second generation w51_hacai_bleu_bv1_161022 firmware but can not enter the apple logo across power? or install the clock dials? because the first generation ‘more versatile and this is not it?

  • Alberto

    Install to the clock some spheres, from the application of the phone, and then unlink the phone from the clock, and no longer lights up, it seems to have a rather serious software failure, how will solve these problems. ??

  • Solveig

    Hi how con I download apps on my IWO 2? I’ve downloaded the Mediatek smart divice app on my iPhone 6 but there’s nothing related to applications… thanks in advance

  • Yuliana

    Hi, can you tell me if is possible to install WhatsApp and Facebook in a mtk2502c 2nd gen, and if is possible, HOW??
    Thanks in advance!

  • Tere Cardoso

    Good morning.
    I just purchased a 2-generation Iwu. My question is, why, you do not have the “thermometer” or “UV” app. When I have seen videos of iwo 2 generation of the month of September that if they bring it?
    I would like you to clarify those doubts.

  • Léa

    J’ai suivi le tutoriel afin de raccorder ma montre à mon Iphone et tout fonctionne mise à part les messages. Lorsque je vais dans l’application sur ma montre m’est indiqué:”actuellement non disponible” systématiquement.
    De plus, à partir de l’application Mediatek SmartDevice de mon Iphone, je ne peut pas télécharger d’autres applications.
    Pouvez-vous m’indiquer la marche à suivre, afin que toutes les applications de la montre soient fonctionnelles.

  • Jaime

    Hello good day.

    Following the instructions
    , I installed with MediaTek app several VXP, but the clock has been hung ( Brick )
    Please, I could tell how to make a hard reset or reset, with the clock buttons

    And a second question:

    I searched the internet and also see that there are many problems with the iwo 2nd, for not being able to update the firmware, is there any chance ?

    Thank you very much !!!!

  • Oguzhan Ayvaz

    Hi,today my iwo 2 watch is not working.İts stucked on bootloop.And screen is blinking every 5 seconds.I was tried to charging and its charged.I think problem is in software.What can i do ?

  • Ekain

    Hello, in the first version, it was an option to put the apple logo…
    is in the second this possible? In the first one, was by marking some numbers in the “calling” place…
    And a second question:
    This second version, has a sleep tracker? thanks

  • juan

    Please we want a solution to thermometer and UV sensor since when we buy the new product this is not indicated as well as the same functions as in the iwo 1 as being able to update the software and to be able to connect with the computer in order to podificar things.
    Please do everything possible because we are many people who have bought this rejoj and we want these things nhagannos case since it is not only a sale of 1 clock but also this would encourage many more people to buy this watch but not buy it by Fault of these details.
    Do not forget buyers

  • Jose Manuel Vazquez

    Good evening.
    I have realized an installation of a sphere with the application Property in the country SmarthDevice, in an Iwo 1:1 2nd generation, and now the screen goes out and ignites and does not do anything mas, there is some form of realziar a hard reset with the buttons?

  • noe

    When I put it to charge the green light of the led flashes very fast and does not charge, the clock will no longer prendre 🙁

  • Mike

    I just got the smart watch and all efforts to power it has failed. Can you please advise.


  • gio

    when i put watch on charging green light blink fast. it not charging. i cant torn on my watch. what can i do??

  • Tere Cardoso

    Very good days.
    I would like to know, what function does it have, the “File Manager” folder, which appears in the 2-generation iwo.
    Thank you very much.

  • Filip

    The watch works fine but when i try to actually pair it with my phone its gets quite problematic. The watch keeps connecting and disconnecting from the iphone with intervalls of 10-15 seconds, which is extremly annoying. If i go to settings i can se how it goes of and on. Ive had this watch for about 2 weeks and its been working fine until this morning. Its like the app itself is messing with my bluetooth signal since everything works fine until i pair it with the app, which is a must. Tried Mediatek app and Fundo wear, both give the same problem.

    Many thanks!

  • juan

    The second generation iwo I stayed the screen that turns on and off and a lot of people have happened the same as me by mistake. Are going to release the cable to be able to update the second generation iwo and provide the firmware? We are many people who have the clock unusable and we would like some sensitivity on their part and we would like to buy that cable and provide us the firmware and that has to be possible since you somehow put it to the clock when they manufacture it. On behalf of all the people I ask a little sensitivity and remove the cable for sale and provide us with the firmware to be able to arrange this fantastic watch.
    Please be so kind to give me an answer and do not leave us in oblivion

  • stephen

    Hello dear support team,

    After installing a VXP Watch Faces on my smartwatch 2nd IWO from the website “”
    The match , not work anymore.
    When i put the watch on i see the boot logo, but after that the screen stay blank et the backlight turn on and off no screen appear.

    Please help 🙁 ?

  • stephen

    Hello dear support team,

    Since i have install a VXP item from “”, my smartwatch 2nd IWO no longer works.
    It boot in loop.

    How can i do a reset factory please ?

  • malba

    what is latest firmware rom for IWO 2? I can’t find this on your website and on internet.

  • Nikita

    Hi, how can i get new watchfaces on my iwo 2 smartwatch? Or tell me please about firmware restore on my watches? I was bought the second watches, cause my first were bricked, when i was try to install another watchfaces. And what about apple logo? Can you tell me codes for watches IWO2. Thanks.

  • Giuseppe

    I have bayed the iwo 2nd generation but it ‘s worse than the iwo 1 . The menu is more slow and I can’t upgrade it. Why the 2nd is worse than the one ?

  • Alan pope

    I’m having a hard time connect my calls again. It was working now it’s not connecting anymore. What should I do?


    Hi i am badly trapped i borrowed watch from my friend and i copied vxp file in app manager and then when i set the new watch face the watch get off and started blinking lights off on no other option is working please help me out please

  • Brody

    Is there a way to change the music track on my phone from the watch but not have the music played through the watches speaker?

  • Okan Aydemir

    I have this watch but i have Bluetooth connectiın interruption several times beyween my ios durşng the day even i uave mediatek app. I can not solve it.

  • chetan Raut

    Dear team
    i’m having IWO 2nd generation. can u please tell me how to get apple logo on start up and how to upgrade firmware

    On my watch the following information is available:

    Version W51_V3.0_HANCAI_BLUE_B_1703090949
    Release time 2017/03/09 09:49
    Is this the last version or is there another firmware available?

  • Chandra

    Hi support ,
    your new iwo 2017 (iwo 4 on AliExpress) very bad quality’s, please pull off the market, because my customer complains a lot, this is very detrimental to seller, you have to be responsible. Used not yet 1 week is dead total, already 5 customers I complained

  • Chandra

    Hi support ,
    your iwo 2017 very bad quality’s, please take it from the market (because the product failed), and my customer complained a lot, this is very detrimental to the seller, you have to be responsible. Used not yet 1 week is dead total, already my 5 customers Had been complained

  • Chandra

    Hi support ,
    your newciwo 2017 (iwo 4 on AliExpress) very bad quality’s, please take it from the market (because the product failed), and my customer complained a lot, this is very detrimental to the seller, you have to be responsible. Used iwo not yet 1 week is dead, already my 5 customers Had been complained

  • Angus

    i have the latest version of iwo watch, the one with a dynamic butterfly clock face. I wonder how to get an apple icon when i switch on / off the watch, please advise

  • Uday

    HI , recently bought a IWO online, I think its a IWO2 or 3, however the software version shows a 2011 one,,, is this normal or needs upgrading ?
    If upgrading, how do I do it ?

  • Channarong

    Dear support team,
    I have the IWO gen2 the last version W51_V3.0_HANCAI_BLUE_B_1707111015.
    But I was Thai Language . What do I have to do . And weather app is not available.Can not find a city.
    Thank you.

  • channarong

    Dear Support Team
    i’m having IWO 2nd generation. can u please tell me how to get Thai language and how to upgrade firmware
    On my watch the following information is available:
    Version W51_V3.0_HANCAI_BLUE_B_1707111015
    Release time 2017/07/11 10:15
    and weather app can not find the city.

  • David T

    i left exhausto my battery and when i gonna charge it again, green ligh flash slow, but after 30 seconds it star flashing so fast? what is the meaning for it? is there a damage on batey or how can i charge it again?

  • Anne

    I read that it is possible to add apps with Mediatek. I downloaded MediaTek SmartDevice but there is no option for “my applications”. I have an iPhone. Is this feature not supported on iPhone? Thank you

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