how to choose a smart watch? 1

smart watch selection

the smart watch is more and more popular as the apple watch launched from last year, now there are several types watch for selection:
type 1.  the smart watch work with a smart phone with bluetooth, it is  one accessory to the smart phone, it doesn’t support mobile network , this one such as the 1st IWO watch and the 2nd IWO watch, they can perfectly work with iPhone and android phone,

2nd IWO watch from shiningintl intl2
type 2.  an independent smart watch with GSM network support, but it doesn’t use a smart operation system, it only work as  a function phone like before

type 3. an smart watch installed an android system, such as android 5.1 inside, it is just like a smart phone, also support the android applications
type 4.  smart watch installed android wear system, but this one is only launched few items in the market, and very expensive.
type 5,  an special system smart watch by the manufacturers ,such as pebble smart watch, it is not opened to public.

so the users can select what kind of smart watch they want, most of the functions inside are : bluetooth connection to smart phone(iPhone or android ,or both), notifications remind and view for the smart phone, sports health monitor, remote capture the photo (an remote control to the camera of smart phone,sometimes  it is really convenient to take photo of yourself).

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