How the smart watch test heart rate and pulse(Theory and suggestions)

You may be find different types of smart watch in Shiningintl sore, and many of them have the heart rate and pulse check function, so what is the correct way to take a test, and whether the test data is reliable or not? You may want to ask this kind of questions.

Test theory

heart rate test theory

the shiningintl smart watch relies on green LED lights for a method called photoplethysmography (or PPG). “photoplethysmography” English word is difficult to read, but the principle was simple: blood is red, so the blood reflect red light , and absorb green light. smart Watch uses green LED light combined with light-sensitive photodiode to detect the amount of blood flowing at a particular time wrist.
Because blood absorbs green light, and each pulse brings a spike in blood flow, determining heart rate is a matter of measuring the changes in green light absorption. During the testing, the smart watch does this by flashing green light onto your wrist hundreds of times per second, then measuring light absorption with photodiodes. and it is also the same test theory in apple watch

Suggestions about testing

The correct way to test your heart rate and pulse in smart watch

1. If you don’t wear it properly, the sensor may not detect the heart rate. The solution: slightly tighten the strap, it can achieve a comfortable tightness
2. Keep still when testing, the movement will affect the test result seriously
3. Even you use the correct way, it also may be 10% tolerance in your test.

smart watch selection:

go to have a smart watch with heart rate monitor and fashion appearance:

1.perfect appearance as apple watch, much cheap

smart watch heart rate sensor appearance


What should we expect from the heart rate test function?

As the apple watch is also complained that the heart rate test is not accurate engough, it is not apple doesn’t want to create a amazing accurate heart rate test equipment, actually it is a problem the whole wearing smart watch  should overcome.

the complainment of apple watch heart rate accuracy

You can’t imaginate we can have a watch that has so much function inside, in the past you can only test the heart rate when going to a hospital, but sensors technology make that dream  posssible,and come true right now, but of course there is some things needed to be improved, such as the accuracy, the smart watch isn’t a medical equipment, but technology will go ahead, in the near future, more accurate testing smart watch will come.

so as a conclusion, now the smart watch is not a medical equipment, its measure meters can only be a reference part for medical reference,wecan’t take the medical standard on it.