secrects will be discovered in apple watch 2nd generation

Apple Watch 2nd generation (Apple Watch 2) in upcoming fall will be released in September, this innovative product finally come out soon. According to foreign media exposure,  there will be six new features to meet with you in Apple Watch 2, then let  us to see  the new features  now!

2nd apple watch feature

1. light as wings, the watch is thinner than before

Although the appearance of the Apple Watch 2 generations as compared to the previous generation is similar, but the thickness of the body will be reduced by 20% to 40% due to the use of all solid battery technology to make the body more light and agile.

2. waterproof, depth water protection

Apple Watch waterproof level can reach IPX7 level, which is equivalent to 1 meter deep underwater staying for 30 minutes or so, there are 2 foreign media wearing Apple Watch to have 5-minute shower, the results did not  have any impact on Apple Watch . Thus see, Apple Watch waterproof effect  is very advanced.

2nd apple watch feature

3. enhanced battery capacity

Then powerful, there is no good life is wasted! But the good news is, Apple Watch 2 will feature all-solid-state batteries, the same volume can store more power, allowing users to say farewell to trouble of one day per charge.

4. sapphire glass enclosure

Only  Apple Watch Edition and Standard Edition version with sapphire glass in 1st generation , and the largest-selling Apple Watch Sport (sports version) uses anodized aluminum metal case and aluminum silicate glass mirror,it make  a lot of difference in wear resistantance. Therefore, sapphire glass may become the standard equipment in  Apple Watch 2.

5. Wireless charging capability

Many products have a wireless quick charge function, Apple Watch is charging very slowly in current generation, 205mAh battery capacity, it even takes two and a half hours or three hours to fully charge. So Apple Watch 2 by adding wireless charging capability can finally achieve “charge 5 minutes and available 2 hours ‘ effects.


In  generation one, the majority users find the UI design is still not perfect. In Apps loading speed is still very slow, watchOS 3.0 system applications should be minimized, this is good news for users. If conditions allow, Apple Watch App built in  should add support for third-party platforms.