How to use the pedometer function of A08 and W51 7

  1. After power on your smart watch,Going to the pedometer entry as the red circle in below entryentry
  2. In this screen, touch the ” option” button  to enter setting, the ” start” button to begingstart1
  3. Set your goal for pedometer according your wantgoal
  4. Set the height and weight of yourselfheight and weight
  5. You can also view the history beforehistory1
  6. Click the start button, then the pedometer is starting to work even you switch to other screen job
  7. start1working
  8. Look at the pedometer parameter is change as you working, it calculate how many steps, how many meters and how much calorie it consumed
  9. smart
  10. Each time you power up your smart watch, you need to manually “start” it. it is really simple to operate, like it? buy it now!

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