ShiningIntl official online store is launching to clients outside China

ShiningIntl’s official online store was launched last Spring to its Chinese clients,it has served the Chinese clients for more than one years and get lots of positive feedback from our Chinese clients, and the Chinese clients like to do business directly with us,now we expand this service to all clients all over the world ,keep close to our clients and get feedback directly,the store address is here(

ShiningIntl have more than 10 years  experience in international business, its products include smart watch, smart bracelet , intelligent device and smart home, and popular consumer electrics.

We have online service on Ebay, Aliexpress ,and now the official online store,Any feedback is welcome and just let’s know, thanks.

Here is a glance to our official online store:

friendly looking,recommends products and promotion activities billboard.


clear categories and information appearance

shiningintl official online store

new in stores to show the new product to our clients

shiningintl official online store