how to charge the 2nd shiningintl smart watch 9

There 2nd shiningintl smart watch(more details) take the advanced wireless charging, there are two sides of the 2nd smart watch charger, but only the side with curve surface can charge.and when charging, the green indicator light inside the charger flashing slowly.

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  • why the green light flashing fast?

A: when in charging, the charger will test whether the charging is normally, before the first 80 seconds, the charge will flash slowly to indicate it is working, after 80 seconds, if the charging is work correctly, it will continue slowly flash, but when something wrong is happened, it becomes fast flashing, you need to change the position of the watch and charger. if you have try many times but the fast flashing still happen, that maybe some hardware issue happened.

  •      how to save battery?

A. this depends on how frequently you use your watch, “heavy” or “light”, because the notifications from the smartphone will wake the screen , and the screen is the most battery consumer, so reduce your screen wake up.

or go go the watch and turn on the “power saving” to option “on”



9 thoughts on “how to charge the 2nd shiningintl smart watch

  • Simo

    I have iwo watch 2nd, i have tried to charge it but the green flashing light is slowly for 75 seconds and then it starts green flashing quickly and the watch is always low battery. I tried also by an universal Qi wireless charger but there is the same problem. The watch is not charging. What can i do, please help me.

  • Marcus Siegert

    Hi since 2 days the charger always flashes fast when i charge my smartwatch. The smartwatch don’t start anylonger. What can I do? Damaged battery?

  • John

    My wireless charging cable is not showing green light anymore. What happened?
    Can i get a replacement cable in this case, I am worried as my watch battery is running low…
    Is there other alternative way of charging the watch in the meantime?

  • Pavel

    What power should the adapter have to charge the device? 1A, 2A, or better from usb port of pc.

    • admin Post author

      the charger is with a very smart current when charging, the 0.5A and above can work, thanks.

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