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Welcome to Shiningintl(the owner of brand smochm) , how to choose a type-c cable for your phone or computer ? What is the E-Marker chip for data cables and what is its purpose? there are lots of secret about this important cable, please read through this page before you make decision to buy a type c cable.  Hope everyone likes it.

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what is e-marker type-c cable?

Nowadays, the charging speed of mobile phones is getting faster and faster. When choosing a data cable, we should pay more attention. However, when chose a smart phone data cable, we will find there are various specifications and models on the market, including transmission speed, durability, charging efficiency, and so on. One important parameter is the E-Marker chip. So, what is an E-Marker chip? What is its role in smart phone data cables? Shiningintl will lead you go into the secret of the type-c smart phont cables.

How to know what voltage and current a smart phone or computer need? the Type-C cable has the circuit to helps the device determine the capabilities of the cable, such as whether it supports data transfer, charging, or both. It also helps to negotiate power delivery and other features between the host and peripheral devices. The specific value of the functions can vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended use of the cable, but they all need to obey the protocols from USCF.

know about e-marker chip role in type-c cable

At first, we need to introduce the definition and working principle of the E-Marker chip, a very important components in the type-c cable. An E-Marker chip is an electronic device typically integrated into a data cable or adapter of a USB Type-C interface. Its main function is to identify, control, and coordinate in the connection of data cables. When we plug the mobile data cable into the device, the E-Marker chip automatically recognizes and determines the type and specifications of the connected device, and then adjusts the output voltage and current of the data cable by sending signals to the device, it make to achieve more efficient and stable data transmission and charging effects.

Secondly, the role of E-Marker chips in mobile data cables can be mainly divided into the following aspects:

1. e-marker Identify device type and specifications

As an intelligent chip in smochm type-c cable, E-Marker can automatically identify device types and specifications, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc., as well as determine the data transmission and charging requirements of the device. This feature can ensure a higher degree of matching between data cables and devices, thereby improving data transmission and charging efficiency

2. Control cable output voltage and current

The E-Marker chip can also control the output voltage and current of the data line by sending signals to the device. During the charging process, this function ensures that the current and voltage of the device  remained within a safe and stable range, thereby avoiding battery damage or overcharging issues. During data transmission, controlling the output voltage and current can also help ensure the speed and stability of data transmission.

3. Implement fast charging technology on type-c

With the rapid development of mobile internet and smartphones, fast charging technology has also been widely applied. The E-Marker chip has become one of the key factors in implementing fast fast charging technology. By controlling the output voltage and current, the E-Marker chip can achieve fast charging of different types of devices, while also ensuring safety and stability during charging. some low price type-c cables don’t have the e-marker inside, so can not set the output voltage correctly, the fast charging capability won’t active then, so please bear in mind the choose the valided supplier is very important..

4. Improve data transmission speed and stability

In terms of data transmission, E-Marker chips can also improve the speed and stability of data transmission. After identifying the device type and specifications, the E-Marker chip can automatically adjust the transmission speed and mode of the data line to achieve higher transmission speed and more stable data transmission quality. This feature can provide users with a faster and more stable data transmission experience.

In summary, E-Marker chips play a crucial role in mobile data cables. It can not only identify device types and specifications, control output voltage and current, achieve fast charging technology, but also improve data transmission speed and stability. These features can bring users a more efficient, convenient, safe, and stable data transmission and charging experience.

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How many e-marker chips in a type-c data cable?

this play a very important role in a good quality cable.

In the context of USB Type-C specification, the number of e-marker chips can vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended use of the cable. Some Type-C cables may have just one e-marker chip, while others may have multiple. The e-marker chip is responsible for managing the communication between the host and the device, ensuring proper power delivery, and other features as needed.  

typically, there are situations like these:

a. no e-marker chip inside: in this kind of type-c cable, it can only provide a defauld setting voltage from the power supply adaptors, because thre is no protocol conversation between the device and the power supply adaptors.

b. only 1 e-marker chip inside the cable: it works nomally with 1 e-marker chip in the cable, but transportation speed may be limited due to the EMI interferance.

c. there are 2 e-marker chips inside the cable: compare to only 1 e-marker chip inside, the cable with 2 e-marker chipsets has faster and more stable transportation speed. We conducted a load comparison test between a “one wire two emarker chips” cable and a single eMarker cable. Through the compariso test, we found that the PD communication information of the “one wire two emarker chips” cable is more accurate. Especially in high loading, transients, and other conditions, the cable communication of the two types of cables will be greatly affected, and the difference is more obvious.

If you need to know the exact number of e-marker chips in a specific Type-C cable, you would need to look at the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer or check the datasheet for the component used in the cable.

For example, if you’re referring to a standardized USB Type-C Power Delivery cable, it typically includes a single integrated e-marker chip that manages the power delivery and communication requirements. However, if you’re talking about a more advanced cable with enhanced features such as fast charging or multi-mode communication support, it might include additional e-marker chips for those functions.

Therefore, when choosing a mobile data cable, we not only need to pay attention to the transmission speed, durability and other parameters of the data cable, but also need to pay attention to whether it is equipped with an E-Marker chip to ensure the quality and performance of the data cable. Of course, most of the data cables equipped with new high-power charging phones contain E-Marker chips. If you choose a third-party charger, you need to pay extra attention to this point.

Of course, although the E-Marker chip plays a very important role in mobile data cables, not all mobile data cables need to be equipped with the E-Marker chip. In some low-power and low-speed application scenarios, E-Marker chips are not necessary. Therefore, when choosing a data cable, we need to choose the appropriate product based on our own needs and usage scenarios.

Regarding whether the mobile data cable has an E-Marker chip, you can take a look at the disassembly and evaluation in our website, which is very clear. more information about power supply adaptor