PPS adjustable DC power supply

Product Description

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This Programble power supply adaptor is the gadgets to provide the programbel voltage output to supply power energy for the electronics devices, it
1. input: Type-C input port, output: type-c with USB output port ,USB-A output, DC output.

2. Supports QC3.0 and QC2.0 voltage deception outputs, with free mode switching.

3. QC20 mode supports 5V/9V/12V/20V deception output (specific range depends on your power supply, it needs to be supported by the power supply)

4. QC3.0 mode supports precise adjustment of 3.6V to 20V with 02V accuracy (the specific range depends on your power supply and needs to be supported by the power supply adaptor)

5. Communication interruption and restart function. When the deception voltage is greater than or equal to 9V, and external interference or other issues cause the deception to be interrupted, the module actively restarts the deception.

6. Equipped with button lock function to prevent accidental operation.

7. Quickly set 5V/9V/12V/20V. Suitable for blind switching.

8. Parameter braking saved, power on again to execute the previous deception setting

9. No heat generation, supports 100W output