shiningintl smart watch reseller recuiting

Shiningintl IWO 2 smart watch reseller and distributor recruiting worldwide

As the  shopping season is coming, Shiningintl now launch the reseller and distributor compaign worldwide, we want to cooperate with you in all level business . the compaign give a oppertunity worldwide for you to start up business easily, no more money, just do it. 1. reseller Reseller just need to get […]

MTK2502 IWO 2nd generation smart watch manufacturer

how a fashion smart watch is manufactured 2

Today ,we will guide you to have a tour about how a fashion smart watch is manufactured, the MT2502 smart watch is very hot in the online marcket, such as Ebay,Aliexpress and our online offical store .the whole process is very complicated, but today we will show how the product procedure of […]

healthcare function improve in apple watch 2

Healthcare-the purpose of next generation smart watch

the smart watch will go to medical function in the future,more accurate sensors , more reliable test result, even apple watch series 2 doesn’t have good enough improvement,MTK has launched the new analog front-end MT 2511 chip, it will make the smart watch go into medical level test accuracy,shiningintl will launched the H3 smart watch with blood pressure test function.

2nd apple watch feature

secrects will be discovered in apple watch 2nd generation

Apple Watch 2nd generation (Apple Watch 2) in upcoming fall will be released in September, this innovative product finally come out soon. According to foreign media exposure, there will be six new features to meet with you in Apple Watch 2, then let us to see the new features now!

shiningintl cheap GSM smartwatch A1

GSM cheap smart watch A1 OOBE

the cheap GSM smart watch has a brilliant appearance ,super low price ,multiple functions, it is the first hand on this multiple purpose smart watch.

shiningintl A1 GSM smart phone

shiningintl has launched the cheap GSM smart watch to sell

we have sold a lot of smart watches to our clients, and we always keep an eye on the quality, and make our customers satisfied,here we will recommend you a cheap smart watch with GSM function on our official store–you are right, it is not a watch, it is a […]