Everything is ‘Smart’ 3


A significant aspect of CES 2015 is taking everyday products and making them “smart” Internet-enabled devices. Whether it’s Decor’s voice-activated oven or Whirlpool’s updated smart washer and dryer set (which connects to Google Inc.-owned Nest), technologically-enhanced everyday household items were everywhere at CES this year.

Sleep Number’s smart SleepIQ Bed, for example, tracks children’s sleeping habits — complete with a monster detector to make sure there aren’t scary creatures hiding under the bed (there’s also an adult version called Sleep Number x12 Bed).

While many of the above devices are designed specifically for those with ample amounts of disposable income, the BabyBe aims to help bring babies closer to their mothers by creating a Cradle pad embedded with air bladders and heating elements, all built out of medically-safe polyurethane. It also records and transmits the mother’s heartbeat and mimics the movements rhythmically through its air bladders.

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