Shiningintl Amazon Alexa smart speaker operation manual

1.     Overview

Shiningintl has two type of Alexa enabled smart speakers , one is the “far field Alexa enabled smart speaker”, a far field alexa smart speaker can be waked by saying “alexa” without any hand motion need , there is an Mic-array inside the speaker, the Mic-array can always get the voice signal and analyse the voice to match the wake up word “alexa” , if the speaker detect the “alexa” word in air, it will go into the command waiting mode to wait for voice is really easy to control your smart speaker with voice; the another one alexa enabled speaker is a “near field Alexa enabled smart speaker”,  the near field alexa enabled smart speaker doen’t support voice wake up, when the users want to interact with the speaker, the users need to press the “Alexa on” button at first, and then speak to the speaker.

shiningintl Amazon alexa enable smart speaker


Normally, the speaker has 4 buttons: power/mode button, volume up, volume down, Alexa on

Power/mode button: press and hold to power the speaker on or off,  press to switch between wifi and Bluetooth after power on.

Volume up: press to adjust volume up

Volume down: press to adjust volume down

Alexa on button: press to activate amazon Alexa and waiting user to speak command. For a far field alexa speaker, the user just need to say “alexa” command, and it is not necessary to press the button. But most of our products have this button on body.

1.     App Download

Before go ahead the Shiningintl alexa enabled smart speaker, the users need to install an application on its smart phone(support iPhone and android).The Muzo player app lets you play music and audio from streaming services like spotify, iHeartRadio and others. Download the app for your device by searching for the “Muzo player” in the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Note that this app is designed for mobile devices only, such as smartphones or Wi-Fi enabled tablets. It is not available for use on regular desktop or laptop computers.


2.     Initial Wi-Fi Setup

To use the Shiningintl alexa enable smart speaker’s Wi-Fi features, the Shiningintl alexa smart speaker and your phone must be connected to a Wi-Fi network. The app will guide you through the process, just follow the on-screen instructions and have your network password ready. The Steps listed below and following visual guides are provided for your reference.

>> Press and hold the Power button to power on the speaker. The speaker should start in Wi-Fi mode, indicated by a flashing LED. If it is not in Wi-Fi mode, press the Power button until Wi-Fi is selected. Normally there are voice prompts which is Wi-Fi mode or Bluetooth mode.

>> On your phone, launch the Muzo player app and press “+”, Following the on-screen prompts to connect the speaker to your Wi-Fi network.

>> When the speaker and your phone are successfully connected, a voice prompt will announce the connection.

>> With the Wi-Fi connection complete, the app will automatically begin the process to connect to Amazon Alexa. Follow the On-screen prompts to link Alexa with the speaker and begin using Amazon Alexa Voice Services. You will need to enter your Amazon account information to use Alexa.

Initial Wi-Fi setup-Visual Guide.

Notes: the different models of Shiningintl may have different appearance name, that may change according to the models and customers need. Some OEM customers may have a customized application instead of the “Muzo player”

4. Bluetooth Wireless shiningintl smart speaker

The Shiningintl alexa enabled speaker can also connect to devices via Bluetooth. Follow the steps below to pair to a Bluetooth enabled device.

>> Power on the speaker and press the Power button to select Bluetooth Mode.

>> In Bluetooth mode, the LED indicator will begin blinking blue as it searches for a device.

>> Be sure your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled. Your phone should automatically detect the speaker, Open your Bluetooth settings, and select speaker.

>> When connected, the indicator on the speaker will turn solid blue. And voice prompt will sound from the speaker.

please download the detail procedure  here