SmoPods AI smart glasses Gen 1 operation instruction

The latest SmoPods AI smart glasses have combined the latest technology on Solar energy , light sensor detector, LCD glasses displaying and micro electronics chip. it brings a smart way to fast responding the strong sun light  in all kind of conditions, then makes the users a safter , more comfortable wearing environment. you can get the SmoPods AI smart sun glasses here:

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  • SmoPods AI smart sun glasses Features:


  1. fast responding to light change, the glasses can change the color as fast as the light change.
  2. Low power Smart micro electronics chipset technology inside;
  3. Green energy usage, the smart chipset is driven by solar power energy
  4. New Flexile LCD displaying technology in glasses
  5. Latest polaroid technology for light filter, contain all sunglasses functions
  6. Light weight as the normal sunglasses.



Comparing to traditional sunglasses and shades glasses, the SmoPods smart glasses can fast responding light change , it combines latest technology on solar energy, micro electronics chipset, displaying technology, this smart glasses create comfortable environment in light change scenarios , for example the driving under sun light, playing golf ,

the instructure of SmoPods smart glasses


  • Structures:
  1. Light sensor
  2. Smart micro electronics chipset
  3. Solar power panel
  4. LCD light filter lens


  • Color responding to day light change

In a normal sunny day, this glasses will automatically change its color responding to the light chang from morning to evening. It is a curve as below:

SmoPods smart glasses color change responding as time

This curve is measure with the smart glasses light sensor facing to the sun light directly. The smart glasses will not change color if don’t directly under sun shine.


  • SmoPods AI smart sun glasses Specification:

Lens Material: flexible liquid crystal lense

UV protection: UV400 polarized protection

Driven by Solar energy

Responding speed: 0.1 seconds

Working temperature: -20 degree to 70 degree

  •  Q&A
    1. Is the color change adjustable?

    A: yes, we have the algorithm inside the smart chipset, it will automatically generate the related level according to the light sensor input.

    1. Why I can’t see the change of color?

    A:please keep in mind your light environment, if the light in your environment is not strong, it doesn’t need to respond the light, it will keep the original light environment, the glasses will determine whether it need to responding to the environment.

    1. Does this smart glasses has the polaroid glasses function?

    A: yes, it is also a polaroid  function glasses

    1. Does it need battery?

    A: No, it doesn’t need battery, it is driven by solar energy.


    1. Is this SmoPods smart glasses waterproof?

    A: this smart glasses is a life waterproof, but no a professional waterproof.

    1. What is the difference between the SmoPods smart glasses and traditional sun glasses

    A: the SmoPods smart glasses is a high tech product who combined the micro electronics chipset , solar energy and flexible LCD display, it is clearer comparing to the traditional sunglasses in shaded situation, and more light is filtered under sun light.

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