how to correctly connect an IWO 2 smart watch to iPhone 4

The IWO 2 smart watch from  is a fashion smart watch with the same appearance as apple watch, it has the capability to work with both android smart phone and iPhones, many buyers has difficulty to connect correctly to the iPhone, especially the iPhone 7 who has iOS 10 installed,

here is the instructions to step by step to connect IWO 2 smart watch to iPhone 7

1.install the “mediatek smartdevice” application on iPhone7(it is not necessary)

2.install the “fundo” application on iPhone

3.go to the iphone setting, turn on the the bluetooth switch, then turn on the smart watch bluetooth searching. the bluetooth devices arond, connect to the iPhone, then all functions work correctly except the “notification”

5.go to then “fundo” applcation, research the bluetooth again, and connect second

6. now the “notification” work, all functions work

here is the video to the operation

4 thoughts on “how to correctly connect an IWO 2 smart watch to iPhone

  • Viktorija

    I have iphone 6s.
    Hard to connect smartwatch. When go 3 max 4 meter from phone, than watch disconnected and don not reconnect automatically. Every time need switch off watch, than switch on and go through fund to connect 🙁
    Why that?
    Have 2 generation, bought month ago.

  • Alfonso Balcacer

    I was able to connect my Iwo 2nd generation smart watch to my i phone 7 no problem. My question is why cant I respond to sms messages on watch and why cant i get new watch faces like i could in first generation of the watch.

  • Beryt Passenheim

    Could you please tell me what that means:
    Eveytime my Iphone connects to the Watch there is a Message “Connect to Iphones HID Profile” Yes/No
    If I hit Yes there is a Screen on the Watch called Desktop and a Button in the middle. When I hit that Button the Volume on my Iphone raises up. Is it right that the Phone´s Ringtone is not supported? If the Phone rings the Watch doesn´t play the Ringtone of the Phone it plays the Watch Ringtone (BT Music is connected, this makes no difference)

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