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  • Igor Marasco

    Hi, i have the IWO Watch 2nd Generation. The Watch is fine and looks good, but it would be great, if you provide the customers with updated firmware, and would make available 3th party apps, such as Facebook, whatsapp, iMessage/SMS and others to work on the watch. Also i am a little disappointed on the fact, that the Crone does not work.

    I also would like to resell some of your products in my country. Is this possible?
    Do you have retailer pricelists for that?

    i look forward and hope that the IWO watch will be a great watch in future!

    Best Regards

    Igor Marasco

    • admin Post author

      thank you Igor, you are welcome to be our distributor in your country, for the 2nd Generation, it is difficult to update firmware because the industrial desgin don’t have a interface to download, the industrial design for the 2nd generation is better when remove the interface,we have got that requirement, and will fix out in the future ,thanks.

    • admin Post author

      Dear Igor,
      you are welcome to be our distributor, we will contact you in email, thanks.

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