Mini Industrial Android Computer Motherboard

multifunction customized Mini Android 10 industrial motherboard single board

Product Description

Smochm Mini Industrial Single Board Android Computer Motherboard Smart System for Finance Transportation Commerce Education

smochm Mini Android computer motherboard introduction

The SMA133 motherboad  adopts a high-performance and low-power quad core processor of the full core A133 (Cortex-A53),  built in the Android 10 system, with the frequency of up to 1.5GHz.  The embedded GPU (Imaging GE8300) supports OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.2, OpenCL 1.2, and Vulkan 1.1.  This board has integrated LVDS/EDP/MIPI display interface , Ethernet/WIFI/BT/4G (additional 4G module required)  expansion interface , it greatly simplifies the system design of the industrial machines. Supports decoding lots of video and image formats, high-performance GPU supports 4K 30fps H.265/H.264/720P 30fps VP9/1080P 60fps MPEG-G video decoding, and supports 1080P 60fps H.264 video encoding. It can drive various TFT LCD displays. Stronger stability, widely used in AI intelligent fields such as AI servers, facial payment devices, security, healthcare, transportation, finance, industrial control, smart education, and smart retail.


Smochm mini SMA133 android computer multifunction motherboard

89mmx73mmx 16mm

Smochm Mini Android motherboard Characteristics

▼ High integration: Integrated with LVDS or MIPI, EDP display interface in one motherboard,  supporting up to 1080P screen display, make your system architeture simple,
▼ High stability: adding shiningintl(smochm) technology in hardware and software design to ensure product stability, the final product can reach 7 * 24 running without human suveillance.
Rich expansion interfaces: 5 USB interfaces (built-in 3 pin interfaces, 2 standard external USB 2.0), 2 expandable serial ports (2 channels can be changed to 232 for use), and GPIO/KEY interfaces, which can meet the requirements of various peripherals in the market
▼ High definition: Supports up to 3840 x 2160 decoding and various LVDS/EDP interface LCD displays
▼ Fully functions : Supports dual screen display, horizontal and vertical playback, video splitting, scrolling subtitles, timer switch, USB data import, and other functions.
▼ Easy management: A user-friendly playlist backend management software that facilitates advertising playback management and control. Play logs for easy understanding of playback status.

Smochm Mini Android single board Applications:

1.Smart home devices: Under our system API, the users can use our SMA133  in smart home devices, such as smart TVs, smart speakers, smart door locks, etc., to achieve home automation and remote control functions.
2.Industrial control system:  Our SMA133 is suitable for industrial occasions, can work stably in wide temperature environments, adapt to harsh environments, and operate under high loads for long periods of time. They are commonly used in fields such as automated mechanical control, monitoring systems, and data acquisition.
3. Medical devices: This SMA133 model system can also be used for medical devices, such as medical monitors, diagnostic devices, etc., providing data processing and user interface functions. the users can focus on their software applecation development based on our stable hardware solution.
4. Digital Advertising Player: This SMA133 can drive digital billboards, KIOSK  or information display screens, play advertising content or information notifications, and its software can be customized according to needs, We can provide customization service based on the specific requirements.
5.Educational electronic devices: In schools and educational institutions,  take this SM1333 Android motherboards to create electronic whiteboards, educational robots, etc., providing interactive learning and teaching tools.
6.Commercial equipment: In the retail and catering industries, this SMA133 Android board can be used for ordering machines, self-service checkout machines, etc., to improve service efficiency and customer experience.
7.Car Information System: our SMA133 board can also be applied to car entertainment systems, providing functions such as navigation, music playback, and vehicle status monitoring.
8.Security monitoring: in this scenario, our SMA133 can serve as the core component of the security monitoring system, supporting functions such as video recording, real-time monitoring, and data analysis.
9.IoT devices: our SMA133 can be applid inthe field of IoT also use our motherboards to collect, process, and transmit data, achieving intelligent management of devices. such as NFC pos system(how to add NFC to this motherboard) , create NFC pos with our smochm high performance NXP NFC module
10AI infrastructure: as AI in more and more important, the highly integrated hardware and flexible and configurable software of SMA133 android motherboards make them key components for digital innovation and research, suitable for the development of AI systems.


CPUQuad Cortex-A53, Frequency 1.5 Ghz
GPUImagination GE8300  support OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.2、OpenCL 1.2,Vulkan 1.1
RAM1G/ 2G(option)
ROMEMMC 8G / 16G (option)
OSAndroid 10