Shiningintl home projector Smochm Sp28 problems diagnose

The sp28 LCD projector is friendly designed for maintenance , if there is any problem for usage, please follow our guides to diagnose where the problem is, and contact the seller to ask for components for replace, gently, there are two type of issue in this LCD projector
1. the projector is not working totally, no any responding when connecting the power supply
please check the power supply at first, make sure the machine get normal power supply , if necessary ,use the multimeter to check whether there is power for the the circuit is easy to diagnose the power is in good situation
A. the LED indicator work
B. the fan is work
these mean no power supply problem, use the multimeter for more help if need
2. know about the internal modules of shiningintl company Smochm sp28 LCD projector, if you have make sure that there is no problems like the first point, please be familiar with the internal part of the shiningint Smochm sp29 LCD projector, and try to find out the defective modules . then ask for customer service as from shiningintl service, please bear in mind that shiningintl only support the direct customers buying from shiningintl, buyers from other resellers must turn to the resellers he/she bought for problem solved.

shiningintl smochm home projector sp28 modules

A. main board
B. adjust lens
C. speaker
D. reflect glass
E. Fresnel glass
F. LCD screen
G. Convex mirror
H. LED module
3. Main board replacement
Issues: if no video stream or any responding ,and the power supply is normal, that means there is something wrong in the shiningintl smochm sp28 projector main board, you need to replace the PCBA board
4. No voice
Issue:the video output is normal,but no voice output,
Fix:it need to confirm whether the problem is on mainboard or the speaker itself. Use the ear headset to check whether the voice there, if yes, then the problem should in the speaker, replace the speaker.

5. Problem in picture quality
Issues:for the picture quality problem, there are many things to think about
Fix: if the picture is not clear enough, try to adjust the focus of the lens at first, if that not help, may need try to find out problem in the internal components in above picture.
6. No LED light turn on
Issues:if the LED is not work as expectation,
Fix:try to detect the power supply of the LED module, if that power supply is ok, please try to replace the LED module.
7.LED module

shiningintl home projector sp28 LED module

8.Shiningintl Smochm sp28 home projector fan replacement

shiningintl smochm home projector sp28 fan replacement

9.the main board PCBA replacement

shiningintl smochm home projector sp28 main board replacement