IWO 2 data cable is avalable 15

As many buyers ask us to supply the IWO 2 data cable to connect this fantasic smart watch, we has developed the cable for some technicle users to handle some issues. As the IWO 2 smart watch is very popular in the world ,we hope this cable can be useful for those premium users that like to DIY,but please bear in mind that this data cable may lead to some issue of the watch if misoperation.
Here we show you a glance what this data cable look like:

IWO 2 data cable look

the look of the data cable

four pins   connector for IWO 2/2A

connector to IWO 2 watch

connect to IWO 2 smart watch

the hand hold on the connector to IWO 2/IWO 2A

the IWO 2,IWO 2A (IWO 3) data cable is available on shiningsmart.com


please be carefully to use this cable, it may lead to demage if  misoperation,.

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